MHS grad becomes first local student automatically accepted to med school

If you haven’t read the feature story about Kristin Wempe, the first local student to be automatically accepted to med school, you should. It was in today’s print edition and can be read on the Web by clicking here

4 thoughts on “MHS grad becomes first local student automatically accepted to med school

  1. Not to take away anything from Kristen Wempe’s achievement (which deserves congtatulations), the headline should be: “first local student automatically accepted to Sanford Medical School.”

    There are other combined programs in existence and a Hanson HS student was accepted into one with automatic admission to a different med school several years ago. (I assume with TDR blog considering combining courthouses, Hanson Co. is local.)

  2. In Daily Republic-speak, only Mitchell is “local.” Hanson County is “area.”

  3. With Mitchell nearly on the Hanson County line future Mitchell annexations may well cross over into Hanson County.

  4. My daughter, Barbara Hall was accepted into an Ivy League medical program before she graduated from Hanson High in Alexandria where she was designated a National Merit Finalist. She was one of 40 accepted into Brown University Medical Program in 1977 at Providence, RI. She graduated from Brown with a BA in anthopology after 4 years and then graduated with an MD four years later. After completing her three year residency at Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon, Barbara returned to Sioux Falls where she served at Central Plains Clinic for 11 years. Doctors do come home!

    It is wonderful that Kristen Wempe has been given this high honor. She, her parents and her teachers should be justly proud.

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