Should the county commissioners give more aid for fire protection?

The ongoing saga of the Mitchell Rural Fire Association continued yesterday when the Davison County Commissioners refused to give any extra money to the association to buy a new grass rig.

The saga began last year when the city of Mitchell, which contracts with the association to provide fire protection to the people in the association’s rural area, demanded that the association buy a new grass rig for the city to use. The city considers the association’s existing grass rig to be old and substandard.

Though the association didn’t have the money, its then-leader signed a contract with the city that required the new grass rig to be purchased. The association has been in chaos since then, because its funding wasn’t exactly in order during the past few years and new leaders have had to scramble to come up with the money for the grass rig.

The association has raised all but about $17,000 for the grass rig, and it wants the County Commission to contribute the rest. Commissioners refused yesterday during a tense meeting at the courthouse.

Did the commissioners do the right thing?

4 thoughts on “Should the county commissioners give more aid for fire protection?

  1. I would consider a new grass rig an important item for our rural area. It appears there is a definate need for one if the existing equipment is deemed substandard as it was by the City of Mitchell. As a resident of Lisbon Township, I would certainly want the best possible equipment responding if the need should arise for our safety and the safety of those operating the equipment.

  2. How much land is in a township? It did not sound as if an additional emergency tax would be much. Someone help me out with the cost, please. Mitchell Township is defunct, but they still pay taxes.
    Surely, this can be worked out without the need of a loan. Our current wet conditions remove worry, but July and August are coming.
    Find an answer!

  3. If my memory serves me correct not too long ago the commission found out they had $400,000 they did not know about. The commissioners need to start listening to the people that they are representing and get over their power trip.

  4. I agree with ?. We need commissioners who think like businessmen/women and have some foresight.

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