Information on the Indian Village’s July Fourth weekend event

You might recall that the City Council has authorized the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village to host an event in the city-owned Lake Mitchell amphitheater this July Fourth weekend, with an eye toward eventually building a fixed-seat performance facility in the amphitheater if all goes well.

We recently received this press release from the Indian Village about their plans for this summer’s event:


June 19,2009

Brulé & AIRO (American Indian Rock Opera) is bringing it’s dynamic performance back for the 3rd year to the Mitchell Friday night July3rd at 8pm with their powerful and uplifting 2009 concert as our first “ Gateway to the West Fest “ . This years concert will be performed at the proposed site for the permanent amphitheatre and Native American Cultural Center . It is our intention to make this an annual event and expand to a large 3 day festival in 2010. In 2008 Brule won the Native American Music Award for their Mt Rushmore Reconciliation Concert and Nicole of Brule won the Best Female Artist award. Parts of this years concert will be recorded by Brule for airing on RFD this fall.

Again this year the Prehistoric Indian Village is honored to have Home Federal Bank as it’s Premier Corporate Sponsor for the Brule Concert . Vice President Steve Carnes said “Home Federal is thrilled to work with the Prehistoric Indian Village to promote this outdoor concert. The event is a gift to the Mitchell community. It’s our privilege to help them grow this remarkable event .

The gates will open at 3pm with a variety of vendors and activities.

The Little Bird Band will return again and perform a new concert at 4 pm . This group features the grand children of Native American Artist Jo Anne Bird and they have performed at Jazz Fest and many other events around the region. Unlike any other group in the area as the ages range from 6 to 14. This concert is being sponsored by Avera Queen of Peace Health Services.

Starting at 6pm , making their first appearance, will be the Elk Soldier Drum Group which is several brothers who are from the Yankton Sioux Tribe and according to Gary Drapeaux , “ drug and alcohol free and very proud to represent their people and care for their children with all their heart as they represent the future .” The performance is sponsored by Thomsen Enterprises.

The evenings feature performers will begin at 7:30-pm with dancers and drummers then at 8:00 Brule with their 2009 concert made possible by Premier sponsor Home Federal Banks.

The evening will conclude with a magnificent fireworks display cosponsored by Muth Electric and All Starr Fireworks.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday June 24th at the following locations: Home Federal Banks , Mitchell Chamber of Commerce, Mitchell Indian Village, The Tumbleweed and County Fair Food Stores. . Advance tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for ages 6 – 17, and under 6 is FREE.

In addition to Home Federal Banks Premier Sponsorship other major partners include , Midcontinent Communications, KIKN Radio, and Thomsen Enterprises.

Food will be available on site from County Fair and assorted beverages available from Blarney’s. NO COOLERS ALLOWED. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets for an evening of great entertainment and music on the beautiful banks of the Lake Mitchell Amphitheatre . There will be a rain date of Sunday, July 4th at 2:00 PM.

For more information call 605-996-5473 or go to

In addition to our Gateway to the West Fest July 3rd, the Thomsen Center Archedome will have archeology students from England doing a “live” dig from June 28 thru July 28th.

12 thoughts on “Information on the Indian Village’s July Fourth weekend event

  1. That must mean that the work last Thursday evening, cutting trees and the bobcat making a path between the amp-theatre and the Indian Village parking lot is just “temporary” also??
    Funny it wasn’t city of Mitchell vehicles doing the work.

  2. I expect that the Daily Republic thru its blog will promote ALL events like the one Seth just did on the Indian Village Fourth of July. After all, doing anything else but promoting ALL events on the blog would show favoritism.

    If you are going to promote one event on this blog, you need to promote all. To me that only seems fair.

  3. Phyllis
    I respectfully disagree. The concert is a news story with controvery. Very few events have that issue.

  4. Does the city have to pick up all the litter? Who’s city is this. As long as residents go through the proper channels, and break no laws, what is it to anyone if people offer their time, talents, equipment and money to do the city right? City employees work for us, not the mayor, city council or event the department heads. I applaud anyone willing to work with the city to improve access to all areas of the city and especially the lake. You should have seen all the people fishing from shore because of the trails allowing access to that portion of the lake. Become empowered and get involved. It is your job to make Mitchell, More than ever.

  5. Factor Fan, I must be missing something – what is the controversy?

    And does that explain Phyllis’ problem: “I expect that the Daily Republic thru its blog will promote ALL events like the one Seth just did on the Indian Village Fourth of July.”

    Does she mean she hopes Seth will blog about all the international award-winning performers with local and area ties who come to Mitchell? (Has he missed that many?)

    Or does she want Seth to write equal numbers of column inches about Brule’AIRO and the next bridge tournament, wedding dance and bake sale.

    IMHO the Prehistoric Indian Village is a local treasure that is overlooked by many Mitchell residents although it is an attraction for visitors with an interest in the history and arts of the area, an archaeological center that draws students and volunteers from all over the world and now, a possible site for music and dance performances that can attract new audiences. “It is Paul (LaRoche)’s mission… to use his music to bridge the gap between cultures.”

    Oh. Is THAT the problem? Sigh.

  6. Pasque,
    Letters to the editor questioning eliminating the sliding hill and adding a permanent structure with many events creating noise, traffic and litter have been published over the last year or so.

  7. I can’t help wondering why both Music and sledding cannot be accommodated on that/the hill.
    Why can’t the temporary stage be rolled on the site? Why can’t we bring our own chairs/blankets?
    Why can’t everyone work together for the good of the community?

  8. Thanks Factor Fan –

    maybe the warm weather went to my brain – I completely forgot about the sledding issue. 🙁

    Wondering has a good point.

  9. “Why can’t everyone work together for the good of the community?”

    I’d say that’s exactly what’s happening. Some people think it’s better for the community to have a sledding hill. Others think it’s better to have a performance facility. If everybody agreed all the time on what’s best for the community, it wouldn’t be any fun. And I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

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