7 thoughts on “How will you vote on the smoking-ban referendum?

  1. I went into a bar to purchase a gift certificate for the neighboring restaurant. It was so very smoky, I left without the purchase. I then went else where.
    We make our own choises. Plan and simple.

  2. i quit smoking a long time ago. but i still resent the government deciding what is best for me. i’m an adult, so i should be able to make my own choices. …and so should business owners. if they want to allow smoking, so be it.
    What’s next…you can’t eat butter because it raises your cholrestoral and might make you sick and therefore cost money to insurance companies????

  3. maisie
    are you ok with the government telling 18,19, and 20 year olds that they can not play video lottery? who would that be hurting?? second hand smoke is dangerous, we elect our govt officials do decide things for us because sometimes were not smart enough to make the right decisions.

  4. I am also a former smoker, and I’m all for taxing the heck outta cigarettes and banning smoking in as many places as possible. I’ve held this position since I was a smoker. In fact, the last time they raised taxes was when I decided I had to quit. Taxes and bans work. Let’s use them to help the next generation.

  5. If the petition drive turns out to be successful, then it will no longer be the government that decides if smoking is banned. I’m a non-smoker who dislikes everything about smoking: the smell, the butts, people who reek of smoke and the health problems it can cause. I will happily cast my vote to support the ban.

  6. Poll results so far at http://www.mitchellrepublic.com:

    If there is an election on the state’s smoking ban, how will you vote?

    – I will vote to keep the ban: 84 (73.0%)
    – I will vote to repeal the ban: 31 (27.0%)
    Total Votes: 115

  7. While I sympathize and agree with those that rightfully state that government should stay out of private business affairs as much as possible, my personal desire to sit indoors in a smoke-free environment overrides my sympathy. I actually AM a smoker and have no problem going outside to light up. It’s time.

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