There’s something about Frank

Sen. Frank KloucekI don’t know of any lawmaker who gets picked on more than state Sen. Frank Kloucek, D-Scotland. It happened this week when Pat Powers derided Kloucek on Powers’ South Dakota War College blog.

I like Powers’ blog, and he’s probably right in saying that a lot of Kloucek’s legislation gets shot down. But people who constantly criticize Kloucek tend to overlook the fact that, somehow, he’s managed to get himself elected to the Legislature through every election since 1990. He’s been serving, either in the House or Senate, for the past 20 years consecutively.

So it seems to me that when pundits criticize Kloucek as being an incapable legislator, they’re also criticizing his constituents. After all, if Kloucek is really that incompetent, you’d think his constituents would have figured that out sometime during the past 20 years. The fact that they’ve kept him in office so long can only mean one of two things: Either they’re too dumb or disengaged to recognize Kloucek’s faults, or they don’t think Kloucek is nearly as bad at his job as his critics say.

I don’t believe that Kloucek’s District 19 constituents — who live in places such as Armour, Parkston and Springfield — are stupid. I also don’t believe that any politician, no matter how politically adroit, can trick people into electing him every two years for 20 years straight.

Perhaps the people of Kloucek’s district like the fact that he’s an atypical lawmaker. There certainly must be something about him that keeps people voting for him year after year.

4 thoughts on “There’s something about Frank

  1. Sen. Frank is a democratic legislator who keeps getting re-elected from a rather republican district. There must be some republicans that like the way he will challenge an abuse of power. Such is the case of the President of SDSU whose father was a democatic senator. Sen. Frank will call a spade a spade and what is wrong with that?

  2. My grandfather knew Frank quite well and were neighbors for awhile. I remember him when we used to visit my grandparents in Scotland. My grandpa used to think that Frank was a little strange from time to time, but one thing that separates Frank from other legislators, he has the best interest of the citizens over special interests, and that’s why he keeps getting elected. As for what Pat Powers thinks, ask him how his run for office went last year . . .

  3. I know the Sen. meets with his constituents A LOT. And to amplify what Mr. Hall wrote above, this isn’t just someone who can fall back on his constituents’ party loyalty…rather, Sen. Kloucek must *overcome* it!

  4. The Dakota War College blogger loves to throw stones at those he thinks are failures. If he thinks Kloucek is a failure, then he has something in common with the legislator. PP not too long ago attempted to run for public office and failed.

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