Owner of Bridgewater meat plant speaks

Ever since 44 tons of rotting, maggot-infested meat was discovered last week in an abandoned Bridgewater meat plant, we’ve been trying to contact the owner of the plant. That’s Ilan Parente, who relocated his business to Dawson, Minn., last year.

Yesterday, our reporter Jamie Gibson spoke with Parente on the phone. He was pretty unapologetic. Among the things he said was this:

"If someone would have told me I had left the building in disarray, in there had been rats, mice, vermin running around, I would have said, ‘You know what? I’m a negligent person.’ I feel bad for the people of Bridgewater who had to live with the smell. But that’s really where the extent of my feeling bad goes. It wasn’t ever a health hazard to anyone."

Read it all here.

2 thoughts on “Owner of Bridgewater meat plant speaks

  1. Wow. The good people of Dawson, Minn. might want to know what an upstanding new businessman they have!

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