McGovern talks to Politico, NPR about McNamara

Mitchell’s own George McGovern talked to Politico yesterday about the death, life and legacy of Robert McNamara, the Vietnam-era defense secretary:

"Bob McNamara had the courage and the character and the intelligence to admit that he was wrong about Vietnam. We’re still waiting for some of the other Vietnam actors to say that they were wrong. I think he’ll be remembered as a top figure that way. That’s a great legacy."

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McGovern also talked to NPR:

"He deserves great credit for seeing the folly of our involvement there, though I wish he had come to that conclusion earlier," McGovern says. "It’s very hard for people in public life to say, ‘I made a mistake.’ "

McGovern said he approached McNamara after the two had participated in a panel discussion in New York and personally congratulated him for "recognizing the folly."

"And from that time on, he and I had a congenial relationship," McGovern said.

Read the rest of the NPR piece here.

5 thoughts on “McGovern talks to Politico, NPR about McNamara

  1. This topic has been on the blog for a while with no responses, so I have a question completely off topic. Sorry. Where is Hillary? Where are any of the Obama administration cabinet members? Are they not supposed to serve as advisors to the President? Where is the Secretary of Defense??What is with the czars? Am I the only one concerned about this? We are going to sleep through the first half of this administration before we wake up and realize we are no longer the same great country as we have know it for the past 225+ years. The government now owns 65% of GM. Since my tax dollars bought that will I see a dividend check? Big joke. It’s terrible that we are so oblivious to all the havoc that is in the works!

  2. I’ve had the same thought about Hillary Clinton. She’s really been off the radar so far. I can’t say that I’m concerned about it; I just find it interesting, and I think it must be a little hard for her.

  3. I’m not a Hillary fan either, however, I thought the position of Secretary of State was big and important and it seems that in the past they were always in the news. Who is doing her job??

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