Trees proposed to be removed near courthouse

There’s a proposal to remove six trees just west of the courthouse to make parking spaces for 15 vehicles. Click here for the story.

I’m reminded of a quote I once published from local angler Boyd Johnson about the removal of trees around Lake Mitchell: "They shouldn’t even own a chainsaw in this state. We ain’t got the trees."

Do you agree with Johnson, or is the loss of six trees a small price to pay for improved parking?

30 thoughts on “Trees proposed to be removed near courthouse

  1. Forget the parking and save the trees. People can walk an extra block or so. It wouldn’t kill them. If fact the exercise would be GOOD for all of us. We are all too fat.

  2. Agreed, STT! Park elsewhere, walk a bit. Burn more personal energy, burn less gasoline. Oh, and trees provide shade that reduces the urban heat island effect and the energy consumed for air conditioning.

  3. There is alot of parking around the court house. I think they would be sorry if they cut those trees down for a few more spots. does us all good!

  4. Let me get this right…current on-street parking allows between 11 and 12 vehicles. By cutting down the trees so they can park diagonally, it would only provide maybe another 3 spaces for a total of 15? What a waste of a mature tree. Leave the chain saw at home and get out and walk.

  5. It makes no sense to eliminate more trees (and more shade) to make 3 more parking spaces. This would be another opportunity for people to start walking or biking to work. Further, why would you have just one street with diagonal parking? Just another bit of confusion for tourists or visitors to our city!

  6. Ridiculous!! Other than our parks, the Courthouse has one of the few nice green spaces in town. As the County seems to take great pride in the upkeep of the yard around the Courthouse, I can’t believe the issue wasn’t put to bed immediately. The City, master of paving everything, wants to cut down trees for 3 parking spots? Typical.

  7. Actually, it was a citizen who proposed the diagonal parking. The City only ran it up the flag pole for public input. No City Employee or official has taken a stand on the parking, only asked for input. Also, the story was incorrect in stating the Wells Fargo Bank proposed the diagonal parking. The Bank did not propose the diagonal parking.

  8. And please remember before you blame a city employee for paving… those ORDERS come straight from the City Counsel not a city employee. The City Counsel makes those decissions and the employee follows what he/she is told to do. Common Scense tells us that.

  9. I agree with the other posts. Keep the trees and walk a little bit more. 3 parking spots are not worth it.

  10. I don’t care who had the idea. It is a crazy one! Why would you tear down 6 mature trees to create 3 more parking spots? Please keep the few nice trees this city has. I agree with “Stay Green”. This city is a concrete jungle and the few trees that do exist are butchered during the annual spring trimming. Why even plant trees if they are just going to be trimmed to death?!(Have you seen the trees across from Tri M Tunes on Lawler-they look like celery stalks not trees). I wish this city would make beautification more of a priority.

  11. I’m always amazed at how passionate people around here get when a tree is threatened. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just wish people could be even half that passionate about some other public issues, too.

  12. maybe the city should step up and get the parking lot done at 7th and main, it looks worse empty than it did when it was the statue shop

  13. We could not beleive what we were reading this A.M. in the paper. Who comes up with this mindless stuff? Keep the trees!! Plus, a Commissioner “Thought it was a good idea”???….frightening!! Keep the trees!!

  14. It would be a shame to cut down those nice, mature trees just to gain a few more parking spots. There are enough parking spots around the Courthouse. Also, what about all the people who sit in the shade on the Courthouse lawn to watch the rodeo parade every year? I don’t suppose they would appreciate it if all the shade trees were removed from the west side of the Courthouse.

  15. I’m beginning to wonder about our county commissioners. They become offended after Vehle and Johnson have the AUDACITY to make a few suggestions on how to improve county government at the behest of the Focus 2020 group, then questioning the legitimacy of a summer hot lunch program at the school and how it might be stealing revenue away from our local restaurants (I’m still shaking my head about that one), and now one of them thinks cutting down these trees might be a good idea. I understand it’s a thankless job…but geez.

  16. SAVE OUR TREES!!!! When out-of-town friends and family come back to Mitchell to visit, they routinely remind us about the beauty of all the trees lining our streets. They also speak about the energy value of our many mature trees. The county commissioner that “liked” this idea, needs to rethink his opinion. What a poor decision on his part!! Just think how many years it took to let them grow to this useful and beautiful state.

  17. Speaking of the city cutting down trees, why does Lakeview Golf Course seem to cut down so many nice trees every year?

  18. We’ll have a follow-up story on the parking proposal tomorrow, by the way. I’m not writing it, but one thing I’d like to know is exactly why this proposal is coming forward. Doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot to gain. Then again, I don’t know the whole story yet.

  19. It seems like most cities work so hard to improve their downtowns. All Mitchell does is cut down trees and add more parking lots. Wake up city fathers and make us proud to live in Mitchell.

  20. Maybe Scott Houwman can volunteer his tree cutting skills and save the county some money with tree cutting expenses?

  21. leave the leaves has a good point. When Johnson and Vehle took the recomendations from the 2020 committee to the county commissioners they were dismissed out of hand and hardly given the time of day the commissioners would not listen to a a single idea. Now the commissioners knew this would be a hot topic so again they did nothing and are really waiting for public input so they don’t have to make a decision. They can say that is what the people wanted. What a bunch of two faced politions.

  22. Mark, and Ward 3….yeah good points. Perhaps Houwman should ask Jesus what he would do about the trees.

  23. Poor Scott. The remarks made about him really are unfair. The question WAS should the trees be removed for parking. I think he was attacked enough for the other tree incident. He probably gave his chain saw away after that fiasco! Give him a break.

  24. Poor Scott????? He’s not 5…. is a counselman. He made a decission(a poor one), and if you go to counsel you would also hear the poor choices of words that come out of his mouth.

  25. Excuse me, but Scott had nothing to do with this issue to my knowledge. You need to find someone else to pick on. The tree thing at the lake is old news. Get over it. It’s done. I think a couple of them are actually coming back! I agree his choice of words are not always the best, but HEY! Are you perfect? I’m certainly not. Regardless, I still think he got rid of his chain saw, so he is no threat to another tree in Mitchell! Good grief!

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