An opponent for Herseth Sandlin?

According to Pat Powers over at Dakota War College, somebody named Thad Wasson wants to be the Republican challenger to Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Kevin Woster also posted about it at Mount Blogmore and wrote a brief about it for the Rapid City Journal

16 thoughts on “An opponent for Herseth Sandlin?

  1. Chris Nelson, the secretary of state, is the only one i can think of who could give her a competitive run.

  2. I cannot decide if I will vote for her now. It depends on how she votes on the Cap&Trade and the Health Insurance. If she votes yes for both of these, my vote will be NO!!! I have insurance and I don’t want to pay more for electicity which will happen.

  3. so because you happen to have insurance already means that you hope she votes to do nothing to help the 50 million people in our country that are not as fortunate? how would having a public option hurt you? it would actually help lower the rates on your private insurance by offering more competition. if you don’t like the public option, then just keep your current insurance.

  4. We don’t know anything for sure, those the above comments are not a given…..either way.
    We do know our Gov. likes to spend money, but how they will collect the money needed is worrisome.

  5. Average premium for family of 4 in 2008: $12,700

    Gross earnings for full time minimum wage earner: $10,712

  6. Sad, do you have health issues to drive the price that high? What is your deductable? We carried $5000 deductable, and it was never uncontrolable. County Health Nurse gave the children their shopts, and they only saw the Dr. for major illness’s such as ear infections. Saw the dentist once a year.
    Is that the cost for group insurance?
    Insurance Agents, please respond.

  7. I sure hope “voter” never loses his/her job and/or his/her health insurance.

  8. To Sad,
    First of all SD minimum wage is $6.55 per hour and $7.25 on July 24th. Take $6.55 times 2080 hours (52×40) and you have gross pay of $13,624. I agree with wow, where do you get your figures??

  9. Pat Powers should challenge Stephanie Herseth-Sanlin. He knows a lot about everything.



    Workers Pay An Average Of $3,354 Annually Toward Family Coverage,
    More Than Double What They Paid Nine Years Ago

    factor fan, 2008 minimum wage was lower (5.85 through July) and 35 hours per week is considered full time.

  11. Sad, there is a difference between $12000, and $3000. Most low income people have Gov. help. The low middle income ones are the ones to suffer the most, and then some of it is their choosing.
    Business’ that pay group insurance bear a big cost for their employees. Farmers cover their own insurance, and they are the ones that choose the high deductable, mostly due to cost. Some choose to go without insurance until they need it, and then it may be tooo late.
    It is a complex issue, but Gov. intervention can be problematic.

  12. The reason health care costs to individuals is high is because so few people actually pay for health care first, and second because health care works! Take all the people that we have paid for health care since Medicare came into being. 50% of them used to be dead before they reached age 65. Look at the cost to Medicare now because of the average life expectancy being about 72. The age of Medicare coverage should be plastic and comparable to that average. It would give people an incentive to take better care of themselves. Same goes with SS. It used to be a safety net. Now everyone is eligible. People live forever because of health care and SS is running out of money. Duh. How could it not. They are both pyramid schemes. They were both set up to take care of people that payed nothing into the system. I am in my forties and do not expect my children to pay for me to receive Medicare or SS. People that believe we pay in to these programs as an investment are ill informed. We pay in for our parents and grandparents. If we are to receive, it will come from our children and grandchildren. Government is not the answer! Get your life in order and stop looking for Obama to make your life better. Taxing people that work a lot of hours and take a lot of chances and take few vacations is the wrong answer. We all need to pull the wagon equally. Rich or poor. Sick or able. Those of you with time to whine about how much you pay need to start thinking about the sacrifice and loss of those in the Civil War or the Revolutionary War. We have all become a bunch of pussies that are looking for someone else to pay for us to eat, sleep and watch t.v. Before you have kids, get married, get a job, whatever, do a little research and figure out what life costs and get busy figuring out what you have to do to get the life you deserve. PERIOD.

  13. Well said. Health care doesn’t have to cost you anything. Nobody makes you go to the Dr. or to the hospital. Nobody has the right to tell you not to smoke, not to drink, to eat crap all the time, not exercise. What gives you the right to have everyone else pay for all the problems you caused yourself by making such bad choices? Insurance only works when the exceptions of bad luck, poor genetics, accidents are paid for because everyone is sharing a little money to counter the little risk. Today people are paying so much because the government under-reimburses providers, and people just don’t pay at all, and the government mandates unfunded policies, and lawyers are going to get their share. One solution to cut down on malpractice would be to put the same kind of fee schedule on lawyers that health care providers receive. All that money should go to the patient anyway. Why should a lawyer work 100 hours and get 50% of a 2 million dollar settlement? I am certain that everyone has the right to an attorney, shouldn’t the government dictate how much they get paid? Would decrease the cost of health care tremendously.

  14. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you simply eliminated the for-profit insurance industry, cut out the middle man, that health care costs would be reduced tremendously. We waste billions and billions of dollars every year on excess administrative costs. The biggest excess cost is the private insurance industry. Unfortunately, there is no political will to do that as the insurance industry is too powerful.

  15. You start controling the industry, you have Gov interference…..and we all know how well they handle business’.

  16. Common Sense, you have no sense whatsoever. The profits of non-profit insurance companies such as Avera, Sioux Valley, Blue Cross and Blue shield? Even the for profits must still fall under the same business format as they in terms of competition. The only people really making the money in this town are the administrators such as Porter with Avera who makes over 800,000 dollarsper year (2004 #) and Tom Rasmussen @ $280,000 plus retirement of $80,000ish per year, also 2004 numbers. That is unconscionable when salaries are being frozen and hours are being cut. They can spend whatever they want such as the Obese dude from Valentine who cost over 1,000,000 which was added to your premium due to increased exposure to your policy. There is no incentive and has been no incentive for the non-profits to lower cost. They have simply been added to your bill through your insurance. These numbers are open to the public with the top 5 salaries from each non-profit hospital available. They must report. Great book to read is first Tom Daschles which will really scare you and then the top 10 myths about healthcare.

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