A preview of nights to come at Target Field

My editor, Korrie Wenzel, has a season-ticket package for Minnesota Twins games. His status as a season-ticket holder brings certain perks, including an e-mail he received from the Twins today showing the picture of Target Field that you see below.

The new field will open next season.

14 thoughts on “A preview of nights to come at Target Field

  1. Cant wait!! Now they better sign Mauer or that will be an empty stadium in 2011!!

  2. Alternatively, if they don’t get rid of Nick Punto, they might never win another game.

  3. It certainly should be. Baseball starts so early and goes on so long that it’s frequently cold and rainy or snowy at the beginning and end of the season. They should have stayed inside and the Vikings should get a new outdoor stadium, since they play a game that is enhanced by inclimate weather rather than postponed by it.

  4. Vikings lease runs through 2011.

    Outdoor baseball is the only way to go. Weather is nothing compared to the mosquitoes boiling up beneath the bleachers on the left field line in the old Met. Been there done that. We won’t see those days again in the new stadium thankfully!

  5. Seth I agree, if they Gardy keeps playing FNP and they dont upgrade thru trade the playoff chances are very slim.

  6. Contrary to all the Strib blogs I hope the Twins ride out the season. Any trade now would be desperation and we will get hosed. Why trade when the best we will do is win the weakest division and go three and out in the playoffs? Seel the future for that? NO thanks! Every team the Twins talk to are going to be looking at Bill Smith like a lion looks at a lamb. He cannot come out on top. Chalk this year up as a re-build for 2010.

  7. I think Hennepin is right. The Twins need to sit tight and make sure they have a good, competitive team to field when the new stadium opens next year. I think they’re a dominant starting pitcher away from being an elite team. Hopefully they can add that starter down the road or grow one of their young starters, like Nick Blackburn, into that role.

    It’s great fun to be able to talk Twins, by the way.

  8. I have to disagree. The Twins are close to being a very good team this year. A 2nd baseman and a reliever is what they need to get over the hump. Every year they start with high expectations and every year is the same, what does it matter if they are in a new stadium. Morneau and Mauer both recently said its not about the money its the championship that they want. We will lose Mauer next year in a trade if Billy and the boys dont make a significant move!

  9. Mauer won’t leave, just as Hrbek and Pucket stayed. Don’t make an irrational trade now. We don’t need another Bartlett/Garza fiasco.

  10. I think Punto should stay. Casilla needs to go far away…and I cannot believe they brough back Jess Crain. If the Twins could just get better a better bull pen….I want Neshek back 🙁

  11. LETS GO YANKEES, clap clap clap clap, LETS GO YANKEES, clap clap clap clap : )

  12. The Twins really don’t have a gutsy leader and it is really clear. Remember when Tori Hunter duked it out with Morneau to get his attention? Gaetti, Gladden & Morris helped Hrbek overcome his Minnesota Nice. Puckett challenged the team to get on his back and ride to the championship? Who have we got now? Gardy cannot do it by himself. Mauer & Morneau need to get mad and show some fire. Break a blackboard like Eller did for the Vikings. The current Twins have ZERO emotion. Oh, and the Yankees suck. 😉

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