Herseth Sandlin enjoys a victory, Thune suffers a defeat

Two of our congressional delegates are experiencing opposite fates today with separate legislation that they took leadership roles in promoting.

Republican Sen. John Thune’s bill to allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines failed by two votes this morning in the Senate. Thune was the sponsor of the bill and, according to some, stands to benefit from it even in defeat because it solidified his reputation among conservatives and put another feather in his cap for a potential 2012 presidential campaign. Still, the bill came up short.

Here’s some of what Thune said about the vote today in a news release:

"Today, overheated rhetoric and fearmongering overcame common sense. My amendment would allow responsible firearms owners to protect themselves while obeying the firearms laws of the states they visit. The individual right to self-defense should not end at the state line. Despite today’s defeat, this amendment had bipartisan support and I hope the Senate will reconsider this important issue in the future."

Meanwhile, the House voted to reinstate a "pay-as-you-go" law that requires tax cuts or new benefit programs to be paid for with tax increases or cuts to other programs. Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has been a vocal supporter of "pay-go" and is co-chair for administration of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of House Democrats that describes itself as fiscally conservative and counts pay-go as one of its top priorities.

Here’s some of what Herseth Sandlin said about the pay-go vote today in a news release:

"Since the day I arrived in Congress, I’ve worked to bring back the pay-as-you-go rules that helped to produce our country’s budget surpluses in the 1990s. Unfortunately, these tough rules were abandoned during the Bush Administration and the result was record spending and exploding deficits. Today’s vote brings us one step closer to restoring our nation’s fiscal health and protecting our children and grandchildren from having to foot the bill for our debt."

Both Thune and Herseth Sandlin are running for re-election in 2010.

38 thoughts on “Herseth Sandlin enjoys a victory, Thune suffers a defeat

  1. Sen. Johnson, meanwhile, was busy with Banking Committee stuff today, according to this release from his office:

    Johnson Presses Bernanke During Fed Chairman’s Semiannual Address to Banking Committee

    Washington, DC–U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) questioned Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about economic policy issues at a Senate Banking Committee hearing today. Johnson and other members of the Banking Committee use the Federal Reserve Chairman’s semiannual reports to Congress as an opportunity to hear the Fed’s economic forecast, as well as discuss fiscal and monetary policy.

    “I am committed to our nation’s economic recovery and to ensuring the safety and soundness of the financial sector without placing unnecessary burdens on the taxpayer,” Johnson said. “In the long run, the best way to protect taxpayers is to make meaningful reforms to the financial system to prevent situations like the one we are currently experiencing.”

    Johnson, who is Chairman of the Banking Committee’s Financial Institutions Subcommittee, pressed Bernanke on the creation of a new federal agency with the specific purpose of protecting consumers from dangerous financial products. Johnson wanted to know if Bernanke believed the Fed has been effective in protecting consumers and if the creation of a new agency, like President Obama is proposing, would be more effective.

    “We have learned from our current economic situation that there are glaring regulatory gaps in our system,” Johnson said. “We need to know if the creation of a consumer protection agency is the best way to fill those gaps.”

    Johnson also asked Bernanke about the status of the housing market and about the effects that new regulations will have on community banks and credit unions.

    “Community banks and credit unions are very important in South Dakota and they had little to do with our current economic crisis,” Johnson said. “We need to make sure they are not punished for the recklessness that occurred on Wall Street.”

    As a senior member of the Banking Committee, Johnson has used his position to question regulators, financial institutions and consumers as proposals move forward to improve the economy and make changes to the financial sector’s regulatory structure.

  2. Sandlin and Johnson the princess and king of unending hypocrisy. She has had a hand in doubling the debt and he did nothing to protect the populace while on the banking committee.

  3. Ivan, don’t forget John Thune and his forehead played a part in ‘doubling the debt’ by support GW Bush’s bailout last October. That makes him a hypocrite too.

  4. Hey “Hcir,” guys like Ivan have selective memory in their criticisms of Obama, Johnson and Herseth Sandlin. It was indeed George Walker Bush and Thune who initiated all the bailouts starting last fall, at a time when McCain was telling the country the economy was great and there was no recession!

  5. Are you people ever going to stop blaming GWB??? Obama is doing a great job of making even more of a mess.

  6. One more thing. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m quite certain you will. When the first stimulus package was passed during the Bush administration, I believe GWB had support of Democrats as well as Repubicans. He certainly couldn’t have done it without their approval.

  7. Calm down, Good Grief. I wouldn’t want you to over react. Oops, too late. And you are wrong. The October 2008 stimulus bill was Bush’s second attempt to jump start the economy. His first was in 2001 right after he took office. So, yes, I blame Bush for the bad economy and quite a few other things.

  8. Shoot, they all had a hand in it. Quit blaming that “Other Party”. They were working together.
    No one knew what they were doing…..and panic set in.
    (The roll of the dice was also a factor. Purchasing housing one couldn’t afford, day trading, you name it.)

  9. Well…At least we can say GWB’s stimulus package actually was a stimulus package. Obama’s hasn’t done anything but spend countless dollars on unneeded projects that haven’t started yet.
    *Remember all of those “shovel-ready projects?”

    Obama said unemployment wouldn’t go over 8% if the stimulus was passed. Obama also said if we didn’t it could reach 9%. And Now its 9.7%.

    Hmmmm….. According to Obama politics…..the economy is worse off than if we had done nothing at all….

    And now he is passing it off as a success….

  10. Hm…., projects that have not started yet? Been out by the airport lately? You’ll see construction crews working on one of the runways all because of Obama’s stimulus bill. KELO ran a story about it the other night. If you watched anything other than FOX News, you might learn something. And unemployment is up because individuals, families, companies, corporations, etc are not spending money right now.

  11. Oh, yes. The Mitchell airport project. How many commercial airlines come into Mitchell again? Just who are we building new runways for anyway? Some hunters that show up two weeks out of the year? I really think we could have used that stimulus money for something that actually stimulates the economy. I watch FOX News all the time and I’m pretty sure they advoacte responsible spending of the wonderful stimulus money – AKA our tax dollars.

  12. How would direct spending at the airport not stimulate the economy? Are they doing the work for free? I believe people are being paid to do the work and it is work that wouldn’t have been done otherwise so it is 100% stimulative. Plus those workers will turn around and spend some of their wages which will have another stimulative effect so the true stimulative effect is greater than 100%. This is much better than tax cuts where people use much of the money to pay off existing debts or save it.

  13. Actually I know first hand what this stimulus job has done to the unemployment rate. Because of the package, I basically lost a job because of one of these so called “stimulus-workers.” I do not quite understand why someone should make 1 and 1/3 times more than me, have to get trained, and use American tax dollars for that. I was doing a great job for the place I worked, but because of the bill, someone who didn’t even turn an application in for that job is getting the job that I had before. To me, that is just wrong.

  14. My point was why are they putting in new runways at an airport that is strictly for private use and probably always will be. I think there are better places to use the stimulus. I’m not convinced that this is a huge gain for Mitchell. Are they local people working on the project? I don’t know. Maybe but probably not.

  15. Isn’t an airport runway about 1 mile long? We must have 700 miles of Interstate in South Dakota, How many miles of bike trails in Sioux Falls? Do any of them turn a profit? No. Their value to the State/community can’t be measured in direct profit. Mitchell has about one of 100 airports in SD. Is it the first one you would strike? The benefit of just the hunting trade in Mitchell makes up more than the cost of this project over the life of the project.

  16. I’m glad there are SOME pro mitchell people in Mitchell, because they sure aren’t running the Sioux Falls News media.

  17. You wouldn’t have a Cabela’s in Mitchell if you didn’t have hunting. Some look at one piece of the puzzle and think they understand the puzzle.

  18. Yes, the run way brings in Hunters. Yes, the Hunters encouraged Cabela’s, but so did I-90. I am sure there are farmers, who support hunting, wishing that runway work was being done on their road to town.
    Winning ain’t easy.

  19. My point exactly, Throw the Bums out. There should be better use for our tax dollars and that is what the stimulus IS!

  20. I will agree the Stimulus was a bad deal. I agree throw the bums out. BUT, after the fact that the stimulus was approved, we better get what we can because for the next 20 years we will be paying the stimulus back and road/airport/whatever money will be tight.

  21. I am truly afraid. Between stimulus, health care for every illegal, feds wanting to run our schools, (today’s story), there will be no room for our local opinions. More government should be local and MUCH MUCH LESS should be Federal.
    Write your Senator and see what you get back. A form letter which vaguely has an opinion on what you sent them. At least the County Commissioners have to hear you.

  22. I am truly afraid. Between stimulus, health care for every illegal, feds wanting to run our schools, (today’s story), there will be no room for our local opinions. More government should be local and MUCH MUCH LESS should be Federal.
    Write your Senator and see what you get back. A form letter which vaguely has an opinion on what you sent them. At least the County Commissioners have to hear you.

  23. I agree with you. There seems to be no end to it all. I too am afraid of all the interference from the feds. This great country is going to be ruined if people don’t stand up and be heard. The problem is that our Congressmen don’t WANT to listen to us. They seem to think we are just a bunch of village idiots who know nothing. We need to address our concerns to them in person. They have no choice but to listen and I think the ordinary citizens are a lot smarter than the people in DC think we are. To one of the earlier bloggers…I am NOT over reacting. Just facing the facts. Both parties got us into this mess along with many of us living beyond our means thinking we have to have everything. Eventually, the bill has to be paid.

  24. Throw the bums out, you have to be kidding me about the farmers that support hunting. They support it only because they charge everyone to hunt on their land. And God forbid someone walks on their property. Call the cops and have them arrested, or complain about road hunting. You may not get your money for the wild bird that flew onto your land. Yes you bring in some money to SD from the rich out of staters. You are also the ones that have commercialized it to the point that local people have quit hunting because they won’t pay to hunt something that belongs to everyone in the state of SD anyway.

  25. Unfortunely you are correct, What. I hate the big dollars that it costs to hunt these days. Many (not all) farmers harvest their pheasants before their crops. Hunting is big money for a lot of them and I guess it is their right to charge. After the first few weeks of the season some farmers do allow free hunting, but you really need to know them and they are few and far between. Unfortunately, the young kids today will never know the joys of hunting like many of us did when we were youngsters. It’s really too bad. Everything is about money. When will we learn that money is not everything? When our kids are grown and gone from SD? We are all too selfish. Myself included unfortunately. We need money to survive, but how much do we really need????

  26. Dern if you do, dern if you don’t.
    We have land on which we do not encourage hunting. Why? Because of “rude take it all” hunters. They litter, over shoot their limit. Shoot hens. You name it, they will try it.
    Some farmers will let others hunt their land, if they ask….problem is most are not polite enough to ask. Some hunters work for the farmer just for the privilege to hunt. Yes, some farmers enjoy the fruits of their land by renting hunting rights….and that is their choice. Land is expensive, farming is not all profit. Comercial hunting suppliments the farm income, and some years is the difference between success and failure.
    Responsible people are the ones that will succeed, and complaining about your situation will not do a thing for you.

  27. You have a good point, Farmer. Those that abuse the system make it bad for everyone. I know there are lots of farmers who allow free hunting after the first few weeks. And it IS your right to charge for hunting if you want to. It goes back to all of us being responsibile like you said.

  28. Why should farmers allow people to hunt free on their land? Some hunters do overhunt, shoot hens, etc. In addition, if one of those hunters trips on the land and breaks an ankle, who do they sue – the landowner.

  29. Observer and Farmer, you are correct on your posts. It is too bad that a few wrecked it for everyone.

  30. Good grief, my opinion that you were over reacting was based on your statement: “Are you people ever going to stop blaming GWB???” You then said Obama was doing a great job of “making even more of a mess” which to me sounds like you are admitting GWB made the mess and you accuse Obama of picking up where GWB left off. My apologies to you, Good Grief, if you are GWB’s biggest fan and I offended you but Bush is this country’s biggest mistake (electing him president).

  31. Hcir, let’s go back to my earlier post…..Throw the Bums Out! The President carries the veto stick, but our Legislative Branchs carry the load, and can over ride him/her. Former Pres. Bush had little power those last two years in office, and I wish he had more back bone. He did error, but he was not alone. Both Dems and Rep. had a hand in the way our country went……and it is still down hill.

  32. No one is doing a good job. Period.
    One Health Care thought……..All elected officals should have to carry the same insurance/health care as everyone else.
    Double Period!

  33. EVERYONE should carry the same insurance/health care as EVERYONE else. We should have a single payer system like every other developed country on the planet.

    Triple Period!

  34. Speak for yourself. Every other developed country is subsidised by the US for their military protection and their healthcare/meds. Research payed for in this country is given to them. Where would they be if all the new life saving techniques were not developed here and given to them. Looks like we are going to find out soon. The world will suffer. At least as things are now, those that can’t afford insurance either choose not to, don’t want to or have made bad choices. Soon, you may not have a choice. Someone will make it for you. You may not like thier decision, but oh well, we will all be the same. Same pay, same insurance, no incentive, and soon there will be no rich to pay for the poor, we will all be the same. I think Russia tried t once. Didn’t work out real well.

  35. Has anyone bothered to consider the way the government has operated the vet hospitals? If they can’t get the care right for that brave and heroic but small portion of the population HOW IN THE HECK can they take care of everyone. Come on, somone dispute this. Anybody??

  36. I would not dispute that Factor Fan because you are absolutely correct. It is a disgrace what our military and vets go through at the VA. They deserve the best and they get the least. The average citizen would scream bloody murder. The care for the vets and military is NOT free. They paid dearly for it and deserve better.

  37. Let’s get this straight…….I am not for Universal Health Care, even though I had to carry my own weight all these years.
    I do want to give our VA (SF) some credit. I have friends that have used it for years, and appreciated the care. Sometimes I wonder if we (SD) are the last state in the union to treat others well. (Now I know I will be hearing from the some sour grapes.)

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