Election possible on Sunday off-sale liquor law

I’ll have a story in tomorrow’s paper about petitions that are being circulated to force an election on the city’s new Sunday off-sale liquor ordinance.

The petition drive was started by the Rev. Carroll Torberson. He does not want off-sale liquor to be sold on Sundays, as the new law would allow.

Local ordinances take effect on the 20th day after their publication in the legal newspaper. This ordinance was published July 13, which makes the effective date Sunday, Aug. 2. Another state law says that if the effective date of an ordinance falls on a weekend, the deadline for filing referendum petitions is 5 p.m. the next business day. So the deadline for Torberson and his fellow petition circulators is 5 p.m. Monday. They need signatures from 5 percent of the registered voters in the city, which equates to 481.

8 thoughts on “Election possible on Sunday off-sale liquor law

  1. If you believe, as most christians do, that God gave us free will, why do so many people “of the cloth” attempt to protect us from that? Do we know better than God himself?

  2. Sometimes we need protection from ourselves. Just imagine no rules or regulations. Just imagine teenagers having complete freedom…….oooooooops, some of them do.

  3. Yup. Too many of us make our own rules and waaay too many teenagers have complete freedom. It is tough being a parent these days.

  4. it should be my choice whether i want to drink on sundays or buy liquor on sundays. if the church going people dont want to drink, they dont have to. they are making that choice themselves and i should be able to also.

  5. God gave Adam and Eve free will. Adam ate the fruit, though he had been told not to. God could have stopped it but did not. We need to learn from our mistakes. That does not mean God does not forgive us, he does. If you want to control it because teenagers drink too much, just outlaw it alltogether. What’s the difference between Sunday or Wednesday? Heck, Sunday’s we go to the beach or picnic with a beer. Booze, beer, same thing, government just taxes it differently.

    Anyway, don’t we have bigger fish to fry than shutting down selling liquor on Sunday? What about drug use, teen pregnancy, cell-phone use while driving…the list goes on and on.

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