S.D. has nation’s biggest spike in single parenting

There was a brief from The Associated Press in today’s Daily Republic that said one in three children in South Dakota now lives in a single-parent home. It also said the state’s increase in single-parent children is 39 percent since 2000, which is the highest increase in the nation.

I’m shocked by those numbers, and I wonder what sort of ramifications we might face. Children of single parents can certainly be just as smart and well-behaved and productive as children in dual-parent homes, but I think we all know that the challenges inherent in single parenting can sometimes lead to problems in children. I also wonder what factors are at work in our state that are causing so many single-parent situations.

Here’s the brief from the AP:

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — The annual Kids Count report finds that one in three children in South Dakota lives in a single-parent home.

The increase since 2000 — at 39 percent — is the largest in the nation.

The report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation says 44,000 kids lived in a single-parent home in 2000. The latest figure from the year 2007 is 60,000.

The mother is the caretaker in three-quarters of the singleparent households.

9 thoughts on “S.D. has nation’s biggest spike in single parenting

  1. SD has the highest increase. What does that mean? We lag behind the other states…..and are now catching up? What is the over all percentage? How do we compare to everyone else?
    Let’s face it…..the media pushes sex, and parents think it is acceptable. What can we expect?

  2. Lets see, they have a kid, we pay the bills, they don’t even have to work until the baby is at least 6. Do the math. A lot of mis-guided teens think this is the gravy train. Don’t tell me I am wrong because I hear it all the time from the teens themselves. Not to mention Social(ist) Services reminds them they don’t HAVE to work and they are better off financially if they don’t work. So they get an apartment, another loser like the one that got them pregnant moves in with them even though that is against the rules. (wink wink) The dead beat gets them pregnant again and hits the road until he can find another sugar mama. If this offends any of you it should because it is 100% true and happens everyday.

  3. Unfortunately you are absolutely correct, Employer. It does offend me and it will get worse with this current administration. It is going to be a long painful 3 1/2 years. I am already counting down to 2012! Who knows what we will have left by then!

  4. To Questions,
    So did I but I have heard too much from fellow business owners and managers in retail who employ teens. If you ask around I am sure like me, you or friends of yours have teens that did not get pregnant and are struggling to pay for school when fellow teens that got pregnant are getiing nearly a free ride. It is a dirty little secret that the media needs to expose. One retailer friend of mine has on two occassions offered a promotion from part time to a full time position to a young single parent and they each turned it down after consulting with Social Services case worker. One even quit entirely when she found out at that same time that she did not have to work until her child was 6 years old. That lit a fire under my friend so he called and confirmed the girl was telling the truth. I am not blaming the mother as she is just taking advantage of what the system offers.

  5. If the above is the case….Sad!
    I remember years ago, when speaking of Communism, it was reported that no one could be fired. 100% employment.
    Now in America, no one has to work. There goes…pride and self esteem. Double Sad!

  6. Yup. It’s called working the system and spending the tax dollars collected from those of us who actually work for a living. Those making poor decisions and becoming teenage parents are rewarded…free college for example. I know for a fact that is true. Isn’t that the way it is these days? We are raising a bunch of free loaders.

  7. You know – mistakes happen and I happen to be one of those moms that went to school and lived in income based housing and received daycare assistance and medicaid, but I always had a job and always did what I could to support ourselves. I never used food stamps and only used WIC after I finished breast feeding. Now I am a middle class – to upper middle class. I believe the programs do help, but people take way too much advantage of them. I would still be paying hospital bills if it weren’t for medicaid.

  8. Yes, Single Mom, mistakes do happen, and people do take advantage of everything they can. I will defend educational assistance. Years ago there was more Gov. help with college. That help is an ideal way to get a single parent off welfare. It gives them an opportunity to move from poverty to middle income…..and then they too pay taxes.

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