Should the city loan golf carts to Wild Oak?

As you can read about by clicking here, there was some testiness at last night’s City Council meeting between people from city-owned Lakeview Golf Course and privately owned Wild Oak Golf Club.

Additional golf carts were reportedly needed at last Friday’s Martin Group Pro-Am event at Wild Oak, and somebody asked the city to loan out some golf carts. Somebody from the city refused. The registration for the pro-am reportedly had to be cut off because of the city’s decision.

The incident brings up an interesting question that I’d like to hear your answer to: Should the city loan out publicly owned golf carts to a privately owned golf course?

20 thoughts on “Should the city loan golf carts to Wild Oak?

  1. Poor planning on Dave Fridley’s part doesn’t create an emergency on the city’s part.

  2. If Wild Oak knew how many golf carts they had then they should have planned accordingly…not run to the city for help. Would they be as kind to return the favor? Probably not.

  3. Why didn’t Martin Group host their event at the city course if Wild Oak wasn’t large enough to accomodate them? I agree with “Poor Dave” – what part of this is the city’s problem?

  4. Why should Lakeview “loan” the carts to Wild Oak? Face it – they are competitors. Maybe next year Martin Group will have their event at Lakeview where they can be accommodated. Wild Oak must have known that they couldn’t if it was that big. Also, kind of funny. Backlund voted against the new carts for Lakeview. You’re telling me that he is not on the council for personal business reasons?? Right.

  5. I would love to know what Backlund uses as a reason for not voting for the new carts. Having a stake in Wild Oaks had nothing to do with his reasoning, right? (sarcastic). Maybe it’s time for someone to be take his place that does not make decisions based on personal reasons.

    As far as loaning Wild Oaks the carts, why should they? They could have rented some from the company in Tea, just like some of the other courses in the area do when they have big tournaments. Sounds to me like they just wanted to make a bunch of money off it without being properly prepared.

  6. I think Doug Backlund probably should have sat this vote out with the conflict, or at least appearance, of a conflict of interest.

    The timing of this vote and complaints about the city not loaning its golf carts to Wild Oak couldn’t have been timed any better.

  7. Dave Fridley expressing his opinion at a city council meeting does not mean he is right. Though he probably doesn’t realize that. The municipal golf course shouldn’t be under any obligation to bend over backwards and fulfill his demands.

  8. is the city in the lending business? lakeview is a enterprise fund why is the general fund lending it money? that means that our tax dollars are being spent on golf carts that 5% of mitchell residents use. instead of being spent on useful things like fixing roads, parks, etc.

  9. Me. The golf course/enterprise fund makes a lot of money off those golf carts. Your tax dollars are working for you. Check out the financials for yourself. Not only does Mitchell have a fine public course which brings many visitors and events to Mitchell, it pretty much pays for itself. There are years money is put towards the course for capital improvements, but, that improves your golf course and protects your investment. Get all the facts please. Kevin and his board are doing a fine job and should be complimented. Fact is, Wild Oak can and is doing the same by trying to bring more people. Working together is good for Mitchell. It just has to be done right and fairly.

  10. i guess i just dont understand why 95% of citizens in mitchell should be paying for only 5% of the people that belong there. if you want to talk about numbers how about the year the city put in $490,000 in a new irrigation system for lakeview. do you think that is fair?

  11. i guess the city of mitchell just has too much money? they can just blow it on all kinds of useless things! maybe we should have a 1% sales tax instead of a 2% because the city has so much money!

  12. this town is sure negative towards anything that is anything good for mitchell. what a good place to live

  13. Disagreeing about how one should spend their monies is a common occurance. Good roads, good schools, good parks are all that make a city worth living (in). A golf course is also nice. Qestioning how one spends their money gives thought to future planning. Golf is better than siting in the bar………although they do that also.
    Run for office, put in your two cents. Volunteer. Mitchell is a good place to live.

  14. Oh, yah, while I’m at it……..
    The ACT was criticized by some, and they are doing a wonderful job of entertaining…..bringing in people for miles around. Fiddler on the Roof was outstanding…..a recommended show. Bet some of those that attended also ate out at one of our fine restaurants.

  15. Fiddler on the Roof was absolutely the best! Geoff Gross and Pat Buechler were outstanding in the lead roles as was the ENTIRE cast, director Cheri Hamilton and last be certainly not least pianist, Lonnie Burns. Fine, FINE entertainment with folks right here in the Mitchell area. If you haven’t gone – GO! You will be glad you did. Also, I don’t think I have ever been disappointed in any of the productions of the Area Community Theater group. They work hard from the stage as well as behind the scenes. The only thing they get is self satisfaction and your appreciation for a job well done. They have spent hours and hours preparing for this production. Don’t miss it!

  16. No. Rent them to Wild Oak, ok. If Lakeview would charge me to rent a golf cart if I played golf, why should they loan one to somebody else for free?

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