Signs of economic recovery, or just blips on the radar?

I wrote a story today about an expansion of the workforce at Performance Pet Products, which is housed in the plant that formerly housed Dakota Pork.

Later today, we will report on an expansion groundbreaking for Enertech in northern Mitchell.

Should we take these as signs of recovery in our local economy, or just a couple of oddities in an otherwise bad economic climate?

7 thoughts on “Signs of economic recovery, or just blips on the radar?

  1. depends on if youre an optimist or a pessemist. or a democrat/liberal or republican/conservative. : )

    dont watch fox news if you want the positive things that are happening

  2. Or… Fox News if you want to know what is going on.
    Actually, we all would be happier if we watched ‘No News’…..but that would not be fun.
    Well……..we could watch the History Channel, and then understand why the worry.
    You takes yer choice.

  3. thats the problem with the conservatives, neggy. they think everything sean hannity and the rest of the fox people say is true. im republican and i dont watch fox anymore.

  4. I find FOX news fair and balanced like O’Reilly says. You guys just can’t accept the truth!

  5. FOX

    O’Reilly is usually fair and balanced. neil covuto is mostly ok and i can stand shepard smith. but fox and friends in the morning has become nothing but a bashing of the demos and hannitys show is a joke. as far as accepting the truth, i dont think you believe either side.

  6. Oh, but if nothing bad is happening, then usually the news isn’t as exciting. So Fox News is awesome…especially Glenn Beck!

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