Is another fire station needed in Mitchell?

The City Council has given the go-ahead to Chief of Public Safety Lyndon Overweg to begin the application process and pursue federal funding for a second fire station in Mitchell.

This seems innocent enough, and yes, any ideas to grab a few federal dollars for community betterment should be pursued. Remember that it’s just a process to pursue some federal money, and not a commitment to build.

This isn’t a new idea, by the way. It’s been discussed off and on for the better part of five years, if not longer (that’s just how far back our easy-access digital records go). Response times for some of the far-reaching points of the city are getting a bit longer than suggested by the National Fire Protection Association, and the city is only getting bigger geographically.

At least those are the arguments for a second fire station in Mitchell.

Is this a sound idea, though?

3 thoughts on “Is another fire station needed in Mitchell?

  1. Will it be another one that sits empty and unused like the fire station at the airport? If so, how that possibly be a responsible use of taxpayer money?

  2. As a new resident, is that the case? Do we have a facility that is currently not in use? If so why not do what it takes and use it? It’s on the north side of town with quick access and could easily reach many areas faster than the facility downtown.

  3. So just what are the “far reaching points”? And how long is the response time over the recommended? And who gets to sell their land to the city this time? And where is it?

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