Is Mitchell capable of hosting LifeLight?

Recently, we got a tip that Mitchell is making a pitch to host LifeLight, the popular Christian music festival in Sioux Falls that is looking for a new venue.

We turned the tip into a story, which you can read by clicking here.

Do you think Mitchell is capable of hosting this huge event?

15 thoughts on “Is Mitchell capable of hosting LifeLight?

  1. Wow, this would indeed have a huge economic impact on Mitchell. I do wonder if Mitchell could handle this many visitors over 3 days. The motel, camping areas and resturants could not support these #’s. Additional camping spaces would need electical, water etc. Even the additional traffic would need to be managed. I’m sure the CVB is looking at all the aspects of hosting an event this large. I would love to see it come to Mitchell and will be the first to volunteer myself to help in any area needed. Good luck CVB!

  2. Whats to say the crowds would be that large in Mitchell. Maybe folks wouldn’t be willing to drive another 70 miles to Mitchell. Also why not have a variety of music (outdoor festival) to draw in the crowds?

  3. yep Mitchell is for sale at any price? just look at the relgious bores in the republican party? what is a republican anyway these days? who are they and what do they represent? maybe what does Mitchell represent? are we for sale here in this town? money money money- just remember your city council extended liquor sales for sundays- what a bunch of pimps? pimp my Lou?

  4. I can’t believe all the negativity here. If Sturgis can handle that many for a bike thing, then Mitchell can too. You people are so anxious to trash the town, the council, the mayor, the CVB and most of all Mitchell’s FUTURE!!! Why don’t you just leave if you hate Mitchell so much! I sick of all of you. Also finally…religious bores? Get a life, “sell-out”.

  5. To fan,
    The people who attend Lifelight are not just from the Sioux Falls area. They are from all over the state and all over the United States and Canada, so the extra 70 miles really don’t matter, what matters is can Mitchell handle the traffic, people and do we have a plot of land that can be used for a festival this size.

  6. This whole idea was brought to Hannah Walters from former councilman Alan Lepke. If he did not give her the lead, this persuit would not even be happening!

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