Johnson may have chance to follow in Norbeck’s shoes

For our Aug. 1 edition, I wrote a story detailing the similarities between the times and positions of Sen. Tim Johnson and the late Sen. Peter Norbeck, both of South Dakota. Norbeck was chairman of what’s now called the Senate Banking Committee during a reform effort following the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and Johnson is second in command of the Senate Banking Committee during the effort to reform the financial industry in response to the current economic recession.

According to a story today in the Argus Leader, Johnson might have a chance to step fully into Norbeck’s shoes and chair the Senate Banking Committee. Click here to read about it.

Should Johnson become the chairman, he would be the second South Dakotan after Norbeck to hold the position.

One thought on “Johnson may have chance to follow in Norbeck’s shoes

  1. We don’t even know how Sen. Johnson’s health issues are progressing. He did not attend the Dakota Fest, or St. Fair. We asked, and he is getting therapy, but how well has he progressed?
    Can he do the job? Speech is not easy for him. I can’t help wondering if he should even be in office. (Yes, I have always voted for him, but now am wondering if he can continue.)

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