Should county commissioners get county health insurance?

I’m a little late in posting about this, but it’s still worth discussing. It’s the controversy that bloomed recently over at the courthouse, where there have been discussions about whether county commissioners should be included in the county health insurance plan.

The commissioners are not currently on the plan and, according to our story today, won’t be included any time soon. But at least one commissioner, Jerry Fischer, had sought to be included.

Should county commissioners — or other part-time elected officials, like city council members — be included in insurance programs with other government employees?

7 thoughts on “Should county commissioners get county health insurance?

  1. Why would a part-time, elected official want to be included in the county health plan? Doesn’t that just create issues of coverage at the next election? Who wants to deal with finding a new plan when they no longer hold the elected position? Who wants to deal with the possibility of riders and uninsurability if something arises during the commissioner’s term? I don’t get it…and although I don’t live in your area, I don’t think that I would want a commissioner that was short-sighted enough to think this was a good idea to be making decisions for my county.

  2. Bea was right on with her comments! Too bad Bea doesn’t live in the area, she sounds like she would be a good candidate for a commissioner in the future-able to see the broad picture!!!

  3. Jerry Fischer was trying to use his office to personally benefit himself-shame on you Jerry! I am glad the rest of the commissioners were smart enough to see through that!

  4. And then Fisher did not even have the courage to vote either way on the issue when it came to a vote. He is a piece of work

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