Corn yield forecast at record high

You know it’s a strange summer in South Dakota when your sprinkler-less lawn never goes brown. It seems like every time the ground has gotten even the slightest bit dry this summer, we’ve received more rain.

The unusually good growing conditions have led the South Dakota Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service to increase its corn-yield forecast to 147 bushels per acre, which is a record-high forecast for our state. You can click here to read more about it.

That’s an incredible forecast that, if it holds true, will far surpass the actual yield record of 133 bushels set in 2008. Too bad the price of corn is way down.

4 thoughts on “Corn yield forecast at record high

  1. do you hear that munching noise coming from the corner of 6th and main at 10 pm at night- yep ladies grazin on the corn- corn corn corn baby

  2. Do something constructive, will you? What on earth does your comment have to do crops! Not a thing so go away.

  3. Seth: Why is the Corn yield/farmers blog that compared it with the current football program and coaching at MHS deleted? It was a very good comparison and had a lot of information in it about the corn story in SE South Dakota. Why is it gone???

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