Mitchell from the air

Did you see the Toshiba hot-air balloon flying over Mitchell tonight? I was in it with my wife and local pilot David Miller. I’ll be writing a feature story soon about the local balloon club, which has had unusually good weather for flying this summer.

Below are some photos from our flight:

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  1. You got me. I am part of a vast, Catholic conspiracy to take over the Mitchell Board of Education. My pictures are being sent straight to the Vatican for advice on making the grounds of Mitchell’s Catholic churches more attractive to potential school board candidates.

  2. Pictures of where our youth play soccer, softball, baseball, and basketball were posted. So, where is the picture of Joe Quintal Field and the stadium Supt Graves has condemmed “in his own mind” just like he did with the Longfellow School and the MMS swimming pool? Would the picture have shown the public how the JQF Stadium is not falling down and could be refurbished so it could continue to be use for another 50 years for 1/10th of the cost of building a new stadium?

  3. I have some pictures of Joe Quintal, but they’re from a distance because we did not fly directly over it. You’re right — Joe Quintal does look better from the air. But so does everything else. It’s pretty hard to see cracked concrete and water damage from 400 feet up.

  4. Any chance of DR independently investigating and reporting back to the public on how Watertown refurbished its WPA-era football and baseball stadium? Watertown’s stadium is much larger than our JQF Stadium. Probably seats 3 to 4 times as many fans. Given the smaller size of our JQF stadium, it would probably cost about 1/3 to 1/4 of what Watertown spent to preserve its historical stadium.

    Seth, maybe you can get Ross to cover the cost of a balloon ride in Watertown to get a picture of their historic stadium and modern scoreboard so all of the people in Mitchell to see.

  5. Watertown has a topnotch high school football program and plays the game at a refurbished WPA-era complex. 30-35 years ago, Huron elected to replace its old football stadium with a new complex on the west side of town. Has building a new Huron football stadium delivered a quality football program to Huron’s youth?

  6. Good pictures, Seth. Good questions in the other blogs tho. Seth: Just take a couple deep breaths and relax and keep your cool — our school Supt. won’t let the questions of the taxpayers go away until he changes his philosopy towards ALL Mitchell students/residents.

  7. I’m not trying to defend the school board or school officials. I’m just trying to make some jokes at the expense of conspiracy theorists.

    There should be a lively public debate about Joe Quintal Field’s future, and all options should be examined. I just don’t think we need to drag somebody’s religion into it.

    Also, the comment about the stadium being run down only in Graves’ mind was off base. Engineers have noted the deteriorating condition of the stadium, and anybody who walks underneath it can see it with their own eyes. I’m not saying it needs to be torn down and replaced. Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t. But I don’t think anybody can reasonably say that the stadium is in perfect condition.

  8. Seth, you don’t have to explain or justify anything. You simply wanted to show those of us who have never had the opportunity of riding in an air balloon what what Mitchell looks like from that perspective. Unfortuanately, there are a few totally rediculously stupid people in this town who insist on ruining a simple little thing like this. Don’t even try to reason with them because it is just not possible. I just can’t believe it.

  9. The possibility that Kinders might be purchased and turned into an Information Center sounded good to me. Is there something wrong with it or did I miss a blog about it?

  10. Rod Hall: A great question — I wonder what Mitchellites think about it — sounds like a good idea if the money is there without raising our taxes.

    To –Sorry Seth (above): You stated ” a few totally rediculously stupid people in this town who insist on ruining a simple little thing like this”. Excuse me, but everyone has a right to voice their opinion in the USA — Seth is a big boy — and he has the right to voice his opinion — but he does not have the right to over-censorship.

  11. Seth: The pics are great — Mitchell looks so very good from the balloon view. We have had 4 batches of out of state visitors this summer, and they all have mentioned how CLEAN and beautiful the city looks this summer. All of this great summer rain has really helped, too.

  12. Over-censorship? What is that? All Seth did was innocently show some beautiful photos taken on a nice evening from a ride in a hot air balloon and a couple of people took offense. Why? Because he showed a picture of the Catholic Church? Certainly you have more important things to worry about.

  13. Really enjoyed those wonderful photos of your town. I am confused, however. Who is Graves and why is Graves apparently so controversial?

  14. Wondering,

    Thank you for asking the question. I see that you got a response to your question, however in fairness I think it is only right to also fill you in on who gave you the above answer. For the last few months there has been a person/family that has a personal axe to grind with the superintendent of public schools here in Mitchell. And that person has gone to extreme lengths to badger and bad mouth Dr. Graves on this very blog. I am not posting to defend Dr. Graves, he is a big boy and can take care of himself, heck I don’t even really know him so to defend him would be disingenuous at best. The reason for my post is to beg you to not take the word of a person who uses third grade tactics when he/they don’t get his/their way. That is what this is all about, it is a take my ball and go home mentality and one that most here disagree with. He/they posts all the time, and a tactic they employ is to be disruptive to any constructive conversation and use bully tactics when it comes to any thoughtful debate on this very blog. These people have gone as far as ripping HS athletics. On sure they will hide behind a twisted sense of what they think is a first amendment right, but when you get past all of the posturing that they do you will see it for what it is.
    Please keep in mind that this person/family uses many different names on the posts that you see on this blog to make you think that there is more out there that feel the same way. Ann O Nymous, Sharon D Truth, Diehard Football Fan, Just asking???, Quintal backer…just to name a few. Watch the style, they are all the same and they all use the same tactics of shouting down anyone who does not agree with them.
    This is not a new issue, this has been going on now for the better part of 5 months. The above post is nothing more then a conspiracy woven by a person who has a personal vendetta. All of the answer above is a very loosely fitting picture of the actual truth, using only the facts that support their argument and ignoring everything else. They will claim they are doing this for the people, but it has become clear to me that it has absolutely nothing to do with the people. It has only to do with them and are convinced that if they throw enough garbage out there some of it will start to stick.
    Look, Dr. Graves is a typical superintendent and with that job comes times when I am sure he has rubbed people the wrong way, but to do what these people are doing tells you all you need to know. The tactics are nothing more then low class and beyond reproach. They had an issue, didn’t get the outcome they thought they should have gotten and now are out to publicly destroy the guy. To buy into the conspiracy they have woven would be to buy into a list that includes the entire school board, the HS football program, all the Catholics in the area, the local newspaper, any HS booster clubs and anyone else who won’t scream with them.
    They hide behind words like honor, integrity and grit all of which they have publicly shown on this blog that they have none. I have no way of knowing if what they claim happened to them when they voiced their complaint, all I do know is normal, sane and logical people do not resort to these kinds of tactics when they feel they have been wronged.
    I have been an active reader of this blog for awhile now, and there is a really good group of posters that I have come to respect such as Pasque, Charlie Hustle, Kyle M, Hennepin, Not Fooled, WTF, Factor Fan…just to name a few. I don’t always agree with them but I respect their right to express their thoughts because they do it in a professional way. But the tactics employed by the very few, many of which go way across the line drowns out the good posters and for that reason I decide to add my two cents. Besides you asked.

  15. Here we go again. Too bad some people are so obsessed that they just can’t enjoy the little things in life…like a few nice photos of our community?

  16. Hey Guymon or Ann or whatever you call yourself now. You must be a stalker if you even know that Supt Graves was trimming trees at the middle school this weekend. Do you just follow the guy around all the time of did you just happen to notice him working? Really. Can’t you find anything else to do on a beautiful day?

  17. If the trees hadn’t been trimmed mrs guyman would have been complaining that he should be out there doing something.

  18. To “The Other Side”:

    I am NOT a family member, but you think that Ann O Nymous, etc. is out of line …….., maybe you should take a good long, long look at your own accusations and charges that you have mounted against these bloggers. As Paul Harvey would say, “You don’t know the rest of the story.” !!!!!!!!!!!! Do take a hike.

  19. I quit reading this blog prior to the school board elections because I was getting so very sick of Guymon’s long worthless letters. I thought we were through with that and here we are again. I guess I came back to soon. You can quickly identify his and his family and friends comments even with all the alias names. Best thing to do is skip over them or go to another blog. By the “the other side” did a great job in explaining the history (too bad he had to do it).

  20. Beautiful pictures Seth! I have always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride and seriously did not know there was a club in town. Do you know any specifics about the club???

    Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  21. Good Morning Wondering,

    We forgot to share a few other facts with you yesterday. The Holy Family Catholic Church 2009 Parish Directory clearly identifies Supt Joe Graves as an ordained catholic reverend and deacon. In addition, the parish directory shows that four of our current public school board members (SBM) are also Holy Family parishioners. Further, the parish directory shows that the Director of MTI, Principal of MHS, Principal of MMS, Principal of LB Williams Elementary, and Principal of Longfellow Elementary are all members of Holy Family (all of these administrators have been hired during Supt Graves’s tenure). Finally, the parish directory shows the publisher of our local newspaper is also a member of Holy Family. Why hasn’t our local newspaper ever shared the above parish directory info with the community?

    Here are some more facts. School board minutes on our district’s website ( shows that our board has voted to approve every board action recommended by Supt Graves over the past 7-year period. The MMS “Staff Email” I-net page shows Supt Graves is also the MMS Librarian. The MHS “Faculty Sites” I-net page shows that we do not have a librarian on staff in the MHS Library. We only have one library assistant and a library aide on staff in the MHS Library. Why have our SBM allow Supt Graves to take control of our MMS and MHS libraries? An ordained catholic reverend should not be screening and determining what our public school district’s 6-12th grade youth will be allowed to read in our MMS and MHS Libraries. Censorship of reading materials based on religious beliefs and values is appropriate in a parochial school’s library but not in a public school library where the separation of Church and State must be maintained.

    Do the math. Add it all up. Does Mitchell currently have a public school district that promotes the beliefs, values, and interests of “All the People” in an equitable manner? Or does Mitchell now have a sectarian educational system funded with taxpayer dollars that promotes the beliefs, values, and special interests of a “Select Group of People”?

  22. I believe it is against the law to ask someone what their religious affiliation is when either hiring them for a position within the school district, or when they run for a position on the school board… Go away Ann, before someone sues you for defamation of character.

  23. Dear Mr./Mrs. Guymon,
    There is no religious litmus test to hold any of the jobs or positions of which you are complaining. You have no proof of any kind that Dr. Graves is “censoring” reading material. You have no proof that any type of Catholicism is being taught in the schools. You hide (admittedly not well) behind anonymous names and shout out every foolish thought or word which enters your head. I tell my students that diarrhea of the mouth can be dangerous. You need to learn to filter both the words that fly from your mouth and fingers as well as fact from fiction. Your diatribes really only hurt you not your intended target.

    Perhaps some therapy is in order??

  24. Very good thoughts, Susan. Maybe the the folks in question will take the hint??? Hope so. We would all feel better. Negativity for such a long time is not healthy. It is poison.

  25. Not Fooled (Susan): (& To Ann 2)

    The finger that you so violently point at someone else is really pointed at yourself. You are the one that needs therapy, and learn how to respond to another human. And Susan, why do you think that you know who is writing the blogs you mention? The heading on your most recent blog is really defamation of character against the people that you address your blog to. You better control yourself or you will be up for defamation of character. This blabber is getting ridiculous and boring. Go away.

  26. Dear Tired of Blabber,

    I don’t believe I “violently” pointed my finger. Pointing out fallicies in an “argument” is not violent.

    I suggest you look up “defamation of charcter” and try to fathom it’s meaning before stating that is what I am doing. Just because you can say a word or phrase doesn’t mean you understand it!

    Given the brevity of my posts compared to the rambling nonsense invoked by certain others on this Board I would say you directed your “stop the blabber” at the wrong person.

    Facts speak louder than fiction.

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