Congressional update

Folowing is a summary of recent activity reported the press offices of South Dakota’s congressional delegates. Links will be added as they become available.

U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D.:

  • Conducted a media conference call Wednesday to "discuss health-care reform with Nancy Babbitt, a Rapid City doctor who was at the White House earlier this month with doctors from all 50 states to show support for reform efforts." (Audio)
  • Urged colleagues on Senate floor to confirm Roberto Lange as U.S. district judge. (Audio, news release, video)
  • Co-sponsored national Character Counts Week resolution. (News release)
  • "… Will join President Barack Obama and bipartisan members of Congress at a White House ceremony this afternoon as the President signs the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act into law. Johnson cosponsored the bill earlier this year to guarantee timely funding of veterans’ health care by providing funding for the Veterans Health Administration one year in advance, preventing programs from falling victim to shortfalls and delays."
  • Commented on the passing of a defense authorization bill (News release)

U.S. Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.:

  • Conducted a media conference call Wednesday to "give an update on the health-care reform debate, as well as to provide an update on other activities in the Senate." (Audio of opening statement)
  • Called for greater broadband access (News release)
  • Critiqued Democrat health-care reform cost estimates on the Senate floor. (Video)
  • Wrote an op-ed saying the stimulus has been effective for South Dakota (Op-ed)
  • Applauded the signing of the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform Bill (News release)

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D.:

  • Wrote an op-ed to raise awareness of domestic violence in October. (Op-ed
  • Conducted a media conference call today to "discuss legislation the president will sign today to provide advanced appropriations for medical services provided by the VA."