Local Episcopal priest calls out the Vatican

I feel compelled to draw your attention today to an op-ed piece written by local Episcopal priest Liam Muller in response to Wednesday’s news about the Vatican’s appeal to "dissatisfied Anglicans."

It’s one of the most provocative, timely and well-written op-eds we’ve had in our newspaper in recent memory. (I’m not taking a position on the issue, mind you. I’m just complimenting good writing.)

Click here to read it.

14 thoughts on “Local Episcopal priest calls out the Vatican

  1. Thank you, Father Muller for sharing your Christian views with our community. You hit the nail square on the head when you said, “… we are all called to serve God through serving each other …”. I cannot wait to hear Rome’s twisted-spin explaining how the Vatican’s recruitment of dissatisfied Anglican traditionalists is in keeping with this corner stone of Christian faith – treat others like you would want them to treat you.

    Father Muller, you drove home the nail when you noted that Rome’s open recruitment of dissatisfied Anglican traditionalists should be a wakeup call to all Protestant denominations currently facing divisive moral issues – right to life, right to choose, openly gay clergy, and blessing same sex marriage. What is next – a worldwide marketing campaign with Rome openly recruiting all dissatisfied Christian traditionalists to join the Roman Catholic Church?

    Rome has a history of having failed honor this cornerstone of the Christian faith when doing so helps to promote the Vatican’s political agendas and traditional Roman Catholic beliefs. We need not look all the way across the pond to discover how the political agendas and traditional beliefs of Roman Catholic leaders are impacting our community. See next posted “To Forgive Is Devine” facts taken from the Mitchell School District 17-2 website and the directories of our village’s two Roman Catholic parishes.

    In my opinion, the Vatican should be penalized for recruiting dissatisfied Anglican traditionalists. Wonder if the Lord would respond to my prayer – penalize Rome 15-yards and eject Pope Benedict XVI from the game for his “Non-Sportsman-Like-Conduct”?

  2. Seth Tupper was correct in his opinion that the ed-op written by Father Liam Muller was the most provocative, timely and well written piece that the Daily Republic has published in many a year. It was absolutely the finest I have ever read. I will leave the judgement of the quality of Father Muller’s written composition to those in that profession. The question of provocativity is best addressed by the immediate response the Daily Republic gave Father Muller’s masterpiece. The timely question Father Muller ended his wonderful editorial with should send chills down the spines of Mitchell residents. That is, WHO’S NEXT?

    My own Mitchell minister raised a real question in a recent sermon. Will the muslims take over all relgious thought in the world? Who’s next?

    Voters of the Mitchell School District elected me to the Mitchell School Board partly because I had indicated that I would speak out and keep the public informed. There is that saying “Once a king always a king”, “once a senator always a senator” and brought to the local level, “once a school board member always a school board member”.

    What could be a more timely subject to be pursued by the Mitchell Ministerial Association than to determine – Has during the last ten years under the superintendency of Graves, has the separation of church and state been blurred to the extent that far, far too much attention has been given to the hiring and electing school persons, not based on ability, but rather on which parish lists their membership? Please answer Father Muller’s very important question!

  3. It is my understanding that the Vatican merely responded to multiple requests from Anglicans that wanted to come into the Catholic Church. They were not out “recruiting”. And to suggest that the Pope or Vatican should be “penalized”??Don’t you think that statement is a more than little silly? It’s just plain rediculous. If the Methodist or Lutheran Church extended the same response to dissatisfied Anglicans no one would be upset. And while you were busy bashing the Catholic Church, I was not surprised that the subject of the school board and Supt. Graves was brought up. Find something better to do. OK?

  4. Do the RCs really want to recruit cranks who convert for no better reason than their dislike of gays? (And didn’t the Pope just reaffirm a few years ago a predecessor’s statement on the nullity of Anglican ordination anyway? So WTF?) I would think Episcopalians would be breathing a sigh of relief right now, as their nutters become someone else’s problem.

    The Catholic Church only does itself harm with this, so Fr. Muller’s airing of grievances in the newspaper was a bit over-the-top. He is certainly free to differ with Rome on matters of doctrine (there was a reformation, after all!) but all of that would seem irrelevant to a few soreheads who’d swim the Tiber just to escape the scary gays. (The Catholics have gays too, but shhhh, let’s not spoil the surprise!)

  5. Somebody should remind Hall that we aren’t buying “once a school board member, always a school board member.”

    Get a grip. Get a life. Or at least, get help.

  6. WO seems to have a brain that is able to only attack a person rather than discuss an issue. Must have a GOP background

  7. Silly. Shallow. Simplistic. No wonder people shake their heads. Maybe Muller would be happier with the word transfer rather than convert. In the Christian Faith, the various religions are all just different divisions, with many “transferring” or “converting” all the time. Looks like more than a little bashing, too.
    Trying to follow the logic that implies the local conspiracy in the local school district. Seems like someone is obsessed with conspiracy theories.
    If those are so dissatisfied with religious turf battles, there are alternatives.
    While Muller’s syntax was acceptable, I wonder about his motivations. Is this what Christianity about?

  8. The protestants do use the word transfer but it is the Catholic Church from Rome down to the local churches that use the word “convert”. Those who become members of the catholic faith from other denominations are referred to as converts. Those who change church memberships are called, members.Rev. Muller was not only correct but very brave

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