The right time for a new stadium?

It was reported in today’s Daily Republic that the Mitchell Board of Education has decided to move forward with a $2.5 million plan to replace the deteriorating, 70-year-old stadium at Joe Quintal Field.

Nobody has stepped forward to buy the naming rights as district officials had hoped, but the district does have access to some low-interest financing.

Superintendent Joe Graves summed up his feelings on the issue with this statement: "The district can’t wait any longer if it is to take advantage of a good construction climate and low bond rates."

Do you agree?

27 thoughts on “The right time for a new stadium?

  1. It is always a worry when spending monies in a “down” time. If one can predict the future, no problem. Those that had the strength to believe in land after the depression benefited. Those that lost their courage did not.
    Is this the right time? I don’t know. You takes your chances.

  2. Just when we get all comment shut down that might be critical of Mitchell’s greatest superintendent of schools, TDR put the Quintal issue on the front page. Why can’t those who know what is best for Mitchell taxpayers, just go about their business without all that useless blabbing in public? Let the school grab this cheap money and we can always pay it back when everyone has a good job.

  3. Yes we need a safe place for our football team and fans to enjoy our Mitchell & DWU teams. However, it is necessary to build a 2.5 million stadium? Are we trying to keep up with Sioux Falls again? My hometwon football team, dressed in the school locker rooms and us fans sat on plain wooden bleachers for years. The announcers sat in a small wooden building at the top of the bleachers. There was also a small building that housed the snack bar and public restrooms. Nothing fancy, but we all enjoyed the games! BTW they are 9-0 this season, without the fancy assets!

  4. I believe it is the right time to build a new stadium. We are a Double A school with B school facilities. The only thing that I would like to see added to this proposal would be the installation of field turf. With a new stadium and field turf, there would be no reason we couldn’t have opening week football at Joe Quintal with 3 games with area teams on the first saturday of the season with either Mitchell or DWU being the headlining game. Just think of the people that would come to Mitchell.

  5. Do we need the stadium? Yes I suppose for the safety and newer conviences, however.. isn’t there a bid requirement for a public paid facility? Not that I don’t think that Puetz wil do a great job but what if there is some other contractor that can build it for less? How much is DWU going to be loaned out for, or better yet ahy can’t half the money come from DWU. then the total loan will be a better bite in the current economic times.

  6. We ARE a double A school with a D- foorball team. Let the widows and retired homeowners pay for this new playstation. Why not use gate receipts? Well that would not be very much!

  7. In addition to field turf why not a rubber running track and a dome? In democracies people vote but not in Mitchell.

  8. How can anybody possibly justify $2.5 million dollars for a high school football stadium? It’s just plain nuts! Put up a set of good aluminum bleachers, a reasonably sized steel building for concessions and grounds equipment, and continue to dress, etc., in the high school – JUST ACROSS THE STREET!

  9. cb,

    Puetz is just the construction manager. That means Puetz will manage the project, but won’t do any of the actual building. All of the actual work will be bid out to building contractors, electrical contractors, plumbers, etc. At least that’s how I understand it.

    The construction management role is a niche that Puetz had succesfully carved out for itself. Puetz has done that on many projects. I guess the benefit to the client is that the client has one point of contact for everything, instead of having to deal with all the individual contractors on every aspect of the project. Puetz also takes responsibility for coordinating all the individual contractors and making sure they finish their jobs on time and on budget.

  10. According to The Daily Republic the only comments came from Supt. Graves. Was there not even one board member who had a comment or question worth printing in the paper today?

  11. I heard somethings about selling “bricks”. Whatever happen with that? As a former athlete in football and track, I would have thought they would want my money/support or do they just want the people from Mitchell involved?
    Instead of 1 donor paying $1 million, why not get the former/present/future Kernels athletes and supporters to help with cost?

  12. The stadium was old when I played in the early 60’s. Cold water, cold locker rooms; outdated press box, poor seating for the visiting fans. There is never a good time, but the time comes when you have to enter the 21st century. On the otherhand, I no longer live there so I don’t have to pay for it. Look for funding sources like naming rights, advertising, ect. Good Luck. miss ya Joe.

  13. What’s the going rate for a high school stadium naming rights?

    While I don’t believe Graves is the brightest bulb in the room, he probably is right about the time to finance this project. The same time and climate is one that would probably make it unlikely for a corporate sponsor to spring for naming rights.

  14. If DWU ponies up say $1 million, name the Wesleyan Stadium & give them scheduling priority. Get TDR to throwing another million and call it the Forum Field. The taxpayer should be happy with that deal, eh, Graves?

  15. This teaches our children a great lesson about finance. If someone is willing to loan you the money cheap you better spend it, does not matter how. This seems very similar to those convenience checks that come in your credit card statement with the low rates for the holder that they suggest to spend vacations, etc. Did anyone look into a less ambitious project? Maybe without locker rooms? Just a thought from a taxpayer.

  16. The Board and Dr. Graves can pursue and authorize a very creative funding scheme to come up with $2.5 million for a project that serves, at most, a total of 200 students for maybe four months out of the year; but they are at a loss to come up with the $30k they would have needed per year to partner with the City and swimming team to keep a pool open that served 200 students a day and was used 48 out of 52 weeks a year??? There has been no follow up on the middle school replacement curriculum for the PE program-maybe they have placed all the kids in football, track and marching band…

  17. When Rod Hall was a State Senator he was a cosponsor of the Senate Bill that authorized building the Dakota Dome. This facility has been proven to be a very worthwhile investment The bill was debated in senate committee, on the senate floor, in the house committee and on the house floor. The press wrote and asked many questions. Citizens were kept informed. A majority of senators and representatives voted for it. Gov. Kneip signed the bill. It is used year around by thousands of persons.

    In Mitchell 3 elementary schools have been built, a swimming pool destroyed and now a new multi-million dollar is going to be built without the public ever getting to vote. Has Mitchell become a total dictatorship? Why, no votes?

  18. When Mitchell people build football stadiums they name them: Joe Quintal Stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium and now JOE GRAVES STADIUM ?????? That is the way to go! ho ho ho

  19. Why don’t you attend a school board meeting and ask them? Apparently TDR hasn’t asked.

  20. I believe there is more than a little apathy in Mitchell: Compare this blog with the public attendance at school board meetings. The people elect the school board membership. If the people are happy with the board’s performance, they keep them in office, if not, they’re voted out. It’s as simple as that.

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