What’s the best use for the Statuary property?

Local resident Georgi Streetman approached the City Council last night to ask about the council’s plans for the old Statuary property (pictured above in all its glory, in a photo by The Daily Republic’s Laura Wehde). Streetman would like to see it converted to something "that would be enhancing of Main Street and the Corn Palace, other than a parking lot."

The city’s current plan is to build a parking lot with a 10-foot-wide green space between it and the sidewalk that runs along Main Street.

You can read more about that plan and last night’s meeting by clicking here.

Do you have any ideas? What should the city do with the old Statuary property?

12 thoughts on “What’s the best use for the Statuary property?

  1. in this economy? we have plenty of empty dowtown- plenty above the buildings- it’s too bad this can not be developed into a private store area like an emporium

  2. We need more parking downtown. Does anyone remember all the talk about removing the trees from in front of the courthouse to get more parking? That alone shows how much parking is needed. Please this is a great way to add parking.

  3. there is plenty of parking on East Fifth within walking distance of downtown. Why parking when there is nothing for stores downtown to go to? That property should be sold into private hands for development- period.

  4. WALK! We’re all to fat anyway. Myself included. ESPECIALLY myself! There has to be better use for this prime property besides parking!

  5. Im sure the city would consider any offers on someone willing to buy this ‘prime’ peice of property and put a couple million into it to clean it up any do apartments or retail space. Just think, you could be one of those high paid white colloar folks running around town. Get yourself on the tax rolls and help the city out, clean up main street and make a fortune. Any takers?

  6. Reality check: The cost to fill in the empty space beneath is estimated at $200,000, according to my discussion w/Tim McGannon, P.E. following Monday’s Council mtg. Another $100,000 to do the parking lot on top. This is not a small chunk of change that the City is planning to spend. Yet when others have come up with options that would add more interest to downtown, the City response has been, ‘well, who is going to pay for it?’ My question is, who is going to pay for that $300,000? What revenue is likely to come out of filling a hole in the ground?

  7. I think people should say thank you to the city and not criticize them. They are taking care of an unsafe and a huge eyesore that sits on Main Street. If they didn’t take care of this people would continue to complain about this area. It is easy to say what others would like to see there, are there any offers?? Anyone else want to fit the bill? I am sure the city could use those monies to fund a different project.

  8. Georgi,

    You seem to indicate that there are alternate ideas for the Statuary lot, yet I haven’t heard you reveal any. That’s not a criticism. I just haven’t heard any proposals other than a parking lot. If you’ve got some other ideas, could you share them with us?

  9. in this economy? why not makes sense a parking lot downtown so a noon when the eats crowd shows up they can pile in- meanwhile during the rest of the day a lot for a few stores left on the street- does anyone shop in this town anymore- or is everyone still malling it in Sioux Falls- well no wonder things are the way they are- we’re just cutting our own throat here aren’t we?

  10. leave it the way it is that way when we don’t like our coffee we can throw our coffee cups out on the large patio area.

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