Swimming club chooses location for temporary pool

Daily Republic photo/Laura Wehde

We’ve learned that the Mitchell Aquatic Club has chosen the former Campbell’s automotive garage on North Main as the site of a temporary, above-ground training pool. The club has been scrambling to a find a practice site since the Mitchell Middle School pool was closed earlier this year.

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21 thoughts on “Swimming club chooses location for temporary pool

  1. Proof that a committed club can and will survive despite the unbelievably daunting challenge the Mitchell School Board put them under. Obviously this new practice facility is not big enough for them to host meets — maybe the Mitchell community will now come together to build a complex to reward this outstanding group of athletes and all citizens of Mitchell!!!!

  2. I agree with Thankful! This club has shown strength and over came a huge downfall this past year!

  3. Sept. 8 City Council minutes show transfer of funds appropriated for MMS pool to MAC temporary swimming facility. Pg 17.

  4. You’re right. We missed that.

    But it still leaves me to wonder about something. The council’s original ordinance said the city would pay 33 percent of the cost to operate the middle school pool, up to a maximum of $30,000. Does MAC now get the full $30k no matter what it costs to operate the temporary pool, or will the city’s contribution still be limited to 33 percent of those costs? The Sept. 8 minutes don’t seem to offer much clarification on that issue.

  5. I’m for getting rid of Supt. Graves and all of the school board since they rubber stamp his attempts at control.

  6. I’d like to know what kind of a power trip Supt Graves is on? Is it true that taxpayers were paying for the team to drive to Huron/ or out of town to get to a pool to pratice? Boy that makes sense in light of the stupidity of this school board?

  7. If it were my child, we would be car pooling…..sharing the cost. It would never enter my mind to ask the school to reimburse for fuel.

  8. Alumni, I agree about Graves and the power trip. But where in the world did the info come from that the school was paying for the trips??!! NOT TRUE!!! That was all done by parents of the swim club, not even the club. From what I understand the club had to pay rent on the Huron facility! Take a look at how much the school system spends on other activitys and transportation for them if you want to see stupidity.

  9. No, no taxpayers are paying for the swim team to drive to Huron. The MAC parents are committed to getting their kids their themselves. Mac pays from THEIR OWN pocket for Huron pool rental. MAC is independent of the school district and paid rent to use the MMS pool.

  10. Seth,

    Keep this blog going as some very interesting issues seem ready to be written about. Do not close this blog!!!

  11. Good for them. I am only wondering why the city when re-designing the city pool and “waterpark” at Hitchcock park did not include a indoor pool or special “dome” for the pool. Then the community pool could be utilized year round for swim meets, the swimming public and also youth swim lessons. Did the pool come out in the black yet?

  12. thanks for the info on how the going out of town for pool to Huron worked- seems like MAC is getting the raw end of a deal there? where is this pool in HUron?

  13. The Huron pool is in the Norby Center. Earl Norby, a Huron community member donated quite a bit toward the building of a wellness center in Huron that includes the pool.

  14. The park board recomended an indoor pool prior to the Hitchcock pool being rebuilt. The park boards recomendation was pushed aside, the board replaced with people that agreed with Mayor Clagget, to include the daily republic, and the debate ended. We have the pool we deserve, it is a very nice pool for about 3 months minus closures. To Mayor Claggets credit it was not refered to a vote and the money was spent. The intent of the board was to close the rec center pool, middle school pool and add onto the rec center with an indoor/outdoor pool, expand the locker rooms and concesions between the pool and rec and allow max use of the addition. You can see a picture of the plan in Randy Ahrendts office or the daily had it in the paper about 5 years ago. The cost was about 2 million or so enclosed. Hitchcock is around 4 million wit no roof. If you don’t believe it you can ask the board members such as Lois Tracy, Scott Houwman, Jim Porter, Marty Deboer, Brad Martin, Renae Michals and others.

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