New novel by South Dakota author getting noticed

Click here to check out The New York Times review of South Dakota author Kent Meyers’ latest novel, "Twisted Tree."

Click here for more information about Meyers from his employer, Black Hills State University.

I haven’t read "Twisted Tree" yet, but I did read "The Work of Wolves" by Meyers and really liked it. It’s nice to see that his work is finding a national audience.

4 thoughts on “New novel by South Dakota author getting noticed

  1. the work of wolves was one of the best modern novels i’ve read in a while. It nailed South Dakota landscape and attitudes.
    the description of opening a fence gate …wow. if you ever had done that, you were immediately doing it again asyour read it.

  2. many many fine authors to read in our state- it has really blossomed in the past ten years. Ever tried DWU Jennewein collection- as I said many many authors.

  3. Meyers’ works: Constellation of cockleburss, Easter dresses, Flying on a wedding band, Abondoned farmsites; Bird shadows; Buffalo calf; Striaghtening the hammermill; Witness of combines; Windrower; Work of wolves Two-speed; Twisted tree; Husker tender; Light in the crossing; Making new; One final harvest; Prairieland; Recruiting the dead; Report from the center of the nation;

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