New county building: A good idea?

It was reported in today’s Daily Republic that the Davison County Commission has appointed a task force to study the possibility of building a new county structure at the site of the soon-to-be-demolished Tower Building (part of the former Methodist hospital). The project would be funded by low-interest financing made available by the federal economic stimulus legislation.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

If a one-story building is constructed, it would house the nursing offices, meeting rooms, county maintenance shops and provide storage and other space for bulging county offices.

The task force will consist of commissioners Claggett and Gerald Weiss and Auditor Susan Kiepke. That initial group will be charged with developing a list of uses, potential tenants and tentative costs for a possible 6,000-to 7,000-square-foot building. Depending on size and design, a building might cost between $1 to $2 million, estimated Claggett.

Is this a good idea?

4 thoughts on “New county building: A good idea?

  1. I hope patrons of the daily are grateful for their carriers? They not only get up early, brave the elements, but today they carried extra bundles for the ads- even if the paper came a little late- and then to go back out later in the day with the advisors to the non-subscribers. Boy daily management I hope you are nice to your carriers too- maybe the papers needs to tip them too with a bonus?

  2. I am not sure the County needs to build a new building. I have never been in the tower building since it stopped being used by Methodist Hospital, it is hard to imagine that the services in the space are that essential if I haven’t needed to go into that building in all of those years. Also, with the low cost of existing commercial space it seems crazy to spend the money on a new building when they could rent or buy. Anway the idea of a “County” government is pretty crazy in our modern age. Wasn’t a county supposed to be about the distance someone could travel on a horse in a day? We need to consolidate South Dakota into maybe 6 counties to save administration expense, duplication of services and therefore $$$. Anyway you can get your License plates on-line, once they make it so you can pay your property taxes on-line it won’t matter much if the “County” office is here, or in Pierre.

  3. you assume lots of things there buddy? many people do not have computers- so getting license tags on-line not pratical. You wonder what services the old hospital had- well I guess you’ve never went to the county nurse because you’re not low income or uninsured. And what did a horse in a day travel- it seems that in Pennington county they traveled further and were lazy in Davison county due to our small size- 20 miles? My point never assume anything?

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