McGovern in Sacramento Bee: Remember the hungry on Thanksgiving

From an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee by George McGovern and Marshall Matz:

On this day of Thanksgiving when we pause to give thanks for the bounty on our plates, let us also pause to remember that one-sixth of all humanity is hungry. …

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3 thoughts on “McGovern in Sacramento Bee: Remember the hungry on Thanksgiving

  1. I know how hard it is to struggle here in America, seems like all we hear from the media is aboutr how the economy drags on us. What about the rest of the world- when we stop being busy with ourselves we will wake up to the fact that the world is severly impacted.

  2. Yes, we have so much for which to be thankful.
    Maybe we should just quit watching TV, and get on with living.

  3. we might think that programs such as lunch for kids to be a liberal agenda- well not exactly so- it came thru congress based on the fact that many citizens flunked their physicals for the services in WWII- malnurished- so this was really a boost to our defenses to have fit physical men for duty- source I attended a McGovern food conference where this came out. So healthy kids helps them achieve in school too.

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