Should the state increase the bag and possession limits on pheasants?

From a story in today’s Daily Republic:

PIERRE — Tough weather and tough finances have combined for fewer pheasant hunters in South Dakota this fall. Now they might be getting some additional inducement to head to the fields.

For those hunters fortunate enough to see enough birds, they might be allowed to take five pheasants a day starting this weekend, rather than the standard daily limit of three.

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission plans to consider an emergency rule change Thursday afternoon during its meeting in Pierre. The proposed change would allow hunters to kill five pheasants per day from Saturday, Dec. 5, through the final day of the regular season Jan. 3.

The possession limit also would increase to 25 pheasants per hunter from the current 15.

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Should the bag and possession limits be raised?

4 thoughts on “Should the state increase the bag and possession limits on pheasants?

  1. I really hope the state does not decide to do this. It is already December. Christmas is coming and people have other stuff to spend their money on. Most people that have come to SD to go hunting have already been here or already have their plans made to come. I have a hard time believing that being able to shoot 2 more birds a day is going to make too many people just jump to come here. Personally, I believe that if the state needs more money, which is all pheasant hunting is about anymore, (the almighty dollar), then they should keep the limit the way it is and plan for a large pheasant population next year. I hunt the wiley ringnecks every weekend and I will not shoot 5 a day even if it is legal. I believe conservation is a good thing. This sounds to me like the SD government trying to do their own stimulus package. They should have learned by the national stimulus that it doesn’t work. By the way, I will never pay anyone to hunt a bird that belongs to the wild. Just leave the limit the way it is!!!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely. Predation and winter kill far more birds than hunters will at this late date. It is a feel good move that will not harm the population and will reward the avid hunters.

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