McGovern ‘astounded’ by Obama’s Afghanistan policy

The Washington Post published an op-ed piece Sunday from part-time Mitchell resident and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern. In his op-ed, McGovern criticizes President Barack Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. McGovern compares the decision to the ill-fated ones made by Vietnam War-era presidents:

… I am astounded at the Obama administration’s decision to escalate the equally mistaken war in Afghanistan, and as I listen to our talented young president explain why he is adding 30,000 troops — beyond the 21,000 he had added already — I can only think: another Vietnam. I hope I am incorrect, but history tells me otherwise.

Click here to read the op-ed on The Washington Post’s Web site.

10 thoughts on “McGovern ‘astounded’ by Obama’s Afghanistan policy

  1. It is easy to identify a problem…….until one gets in office and see’s the “real” story. Unfortunately one must be in office before all the facts are on the table.

  2. Ok does anyone still take this old has been serious anymore? He was a terrible canidate in the ’70s and his washed up ideas are not being taken serious by anyone with now how!

  3. The Washington Post is taking him seriously. Otherwise, his op-eds wouldn’t be appearing in that publication.

  4. McGovern is still a well-regarded voice in the progressive community. However, the Washingon Post has been taking a lot of people seriously these days. It ceased being a legitimate newspaper when Rupert bought it, IMHO.

  5. Review the record and read your history. McGovern was right about Viet Nam. He’s right about Afghanistan.

  6. “Charlie Hustle” and “boy soldier” can get their little op-eds in TDR blog — anonymously. George McGovern — agree or disagree with him — signs his op-ed & submits it to the Post.
    It pretty much speaks for itself.

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