Thune, Franken clash on Senate floor over health care

You should know up front that this appears to be several different videos spliced together to make Sen. Al Franken look good. As near as I can tell, all of the video is from Monday. Thune and Franken get into it at about the 1:00 mark, and Franken accuses Thune of not having read the health-care legislation at about the 4:10 mark.

14 thoughts on “Thune, Franken clash on Senate floor over health care

  1. Gee, nice explanation Seth. Did you come up with that or the RNC or Thune’s campaign office?

    I watched it and the edits are extremely minor and tend to delete repeated phrases. The content of the comment remains intact and is well represented here. Do you have access to the unedited version from which you base your explanation?

  2. The video wasn’t spliced together to make Senator Franken look good. The time displayed on the video moved back and forth between Eastern and Pacific time. Why would you make such an assertion?

  3. I provided that disclaimer because of several reasons:

    1) If you look in the upper-right corner of the video, you’ll see that it was apparently edited and posted by a group called Think Progress. If you go to, you’ll see that Think Progress is a liberal organization, and its Web site has even been named “Best Liberal Blog.” Think Progress even calls the Thune/Franken video a “compilation.” It’s therefore reasonable to think that this organization is out to make liberals like Franken look good and conservatives like Thune look bad. I don’t have any problem with that; I just think you ought to know that information so that you can consider the source.

    2) If you watch the time stamp on the video, you’ll see that various segments occur at different times. That means that the video editors may have selected only the segments of video that best advance their agenda. I’m not saying that’s what happened. I’m just saying it’s possible, and I think you should know that.

    3) I do not have access to the unedited video, so I have no way to see if the edited version is a fair representation of the unedited version. Again, I just think you ought to know that.

    In summary, I’m just trying to avoid being a shill for whatever person or group put the video out. I think the video is interesting and entertaining, and that’s why I posted it. But I don’t want to be a participant in advancing the agenda of the video editors, whatever that agenda may be. I’d feel the same way if the video had been posted by a conservative group.

  4. So, in order to avoid being a shill for the non-editing liberals, you decided to err on the side of claiming that it was edited. Huh?

  5. The splicing on of additional material seemed unnecessary. Thune’s dissembling about the chart, and Franken calling him out, would have been plenty. All the extra material took the focus off Thune’s whopper, as we waited in vain for another shoe to drop.

    It reminded me of Russert confronting Thune on MTP in 04 about the highway taxes. But just like 04, none of this will matter!

  6. At least one of our Representative or Senators are expressing their views. No matter how you feel, at least John Thune lets us know how he feels. We don’t hear anyting from Tim Johnson. I voted for him too!!!

  7. I saw the complete version on Moxnews and it was edited to show mostly just the exchange between Franken and Thune. There is more footage in between that covers Senators Brown and Sanders. What I haven’t seen is when Thune came back after the exchange.

  8. I’d love to hear what B thinks is disgraceful about Al Franken. I kind of feel bad for B.

  9. I think Thune is disgraceful- certainly an opportunist- and by his very own definition he hurled at Daschle now an obstructionist. I think if a former SNL comedian can beat Coleman-polished as he was (ha Ha) and have fun with Johnnie boy then Al is doing his job- too bad so many of you hate liberals but I guess that gives you something to do- have a Merry Christmas you conservative odd balls.

  10. Franklin knows he got away with stealing his election. Also he is no different than Rush Limbaugh or Keith Oberman, 2 men with opposite opinions, but 2 men who think they are always right and like to try to make fun of the other party. Franklin hosted a radio talk show and was just as bad as Limbaugh.

  11. I think conservatives have plenty to do. It is called get up every morning and go to work to help this great country pay its bills. Plenty of room on the wagon so hop out in front and help pulling because the load is heavy, the hill steep and road long.

  12. Voter is right on the stolen election. Franken won by about 350 votes. ACORN registered 40,000 in Minnesota!

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