Suggest a color scheme for the new water tower

Daily Republic photographer Laura Wehde used Photoshop to place a schematic drawing of a future water tower into a photo of the tower site that I took during a hot-air balloon ride last summer. The tower is shown in white because colors haven’t been chosen yet.

I reported for today’s Daily Republic that a new, 130-foot water tower will be erected next year along the north side of Interstate 90 in Mitchell, between the old Syncom building and the I-90 Travel Center.

The city plans to paint a Corn Palace logo on it, along with the words "Mitchell" and "Home of the Corn Palace." Colors have not been chosen.

Given that this tower is going to be highly visible and will probably last for decades, it seems to me that the choice of colors is very important. Our photographer, Laura Wehde, suggested yesterday that the city ought to paint the tower part of the structure (the "riser" part below the tank) to look like a corn cob. She was joking, but I thought it was actually a good idea.

What are your ideas for painting the tower?

19 thoughts on “Suggest a color scheme for the new water tower

  1. Yellow, with corn kernels! The whole thing! And never mind the mushroom shape.

    The silhouette logo is fine for city letterhead or what-have-you, but something of this size demands the immediacy of actual CORN–not the extra step removed of a silhouette of a building decorated with corn. A city logo on the tower would be the same combination of abstraction and redundancy as the signage now on the Corn Palace itself.

  2. I would rather see something business like, such as a logo. I would hope we don’t “corney” this whole town up.

  3. Options:

    Leave it blank.

    Capital letters: MITCHELL

    Sell the naming rights, “Cabela’s”, “CORTRUST”, “COBORN’S” ?

    Smiley Face

    “Have a Good Day!”

    H2O to Go

    Beaming Sun on one side
    Snowflake on the other



    222 Miles to Wall Drug

  4. This thing is already going to be an eyesore being so close to the interstate. Painting anything on it that makes it stand out even more is a terrible idea.

    I would suggest putting it somewhere else out of sight.

  5. With the growth in that part of town, I imagine that the site by the interstate is probably a good one. Ugly? Guess that depends on one’s perspective. Water towers are kind of a fact of life. I would be interested to know, however, what the cost would be to paint a water tower. Can’t be cheap.

  6. A million-gallon water tower right next to the interstate will be a conspicuous “tall poppy” no matter what. Subtlety is not an option at this point. The choice is either to embrace a necessary eyesore, paint it bright and have some fun–or to choose a bland lame eyesore out of insecurity. Go bold!

  7. I kind of like the ear of corn idea. We can’t change who we are. Otherwise, let the kids paint it. Be a good project for them. Let them come up with drawings of their own after offering them a scheme or topic and let them go to work. Take their best and have a pro put them up. Deffinitely be a topic of conversation.

  8. It’s not like they are going to repaint it every year. After a couple years of weathering it will look bad no matter how fancy you initially paint it. After a while it will be rusty too. Think about how it will look in 30 or 40 years. No thanks! It is fine to put it on that side of town, but it doesn’t need to be where so many people have to see it in my opinion.

  9. UGLY, Go out on the big road and look across the city of Mitchell, YOU can already see two of the three ALREADY! so its not an issue

  10. As one who has traveled across the United States and Europe water towers are everywhere and I don’t quite understand all the “oh no people can see it” remarks. Guess what,in our relatively flat landscape I would call those sorta “duh” statements.
    As someone who lives on the southwest side of town I am happy to see a tower go up and, frankly, am more disappointed to hear that water pressure won’t be improved since I have definitely noticed a drop in pressure in the 13 years I have lived here (with a seeming direct correlation to the amount of development to the south – only anecdotal on my part). Paint it purple for all I care (oops – I mean Green afterall I am a Packer fan) – just give me better water pressure!

  11. Red white & Blue with a Salute to our Service members past & present. Local vets past & present names could be added as well.

  12. How about shades of camo – it would hide the rust! Include the words “Mitchell” & “World’s Only Corn Palce” on the east & west sides with an area left open for adding the new Corn Palace outline at some future date. Include corn stalks with multi-colored ears of corn. Include wildlife in and above the corn. With Cabela’s just south of the new tower, sell Cabela’s
    “painting rights” with the words “Cabela’s Tallest Deer Stand” on the south side of the tower. Have some fun with it!

    Hopefully, some day city leaders will have the foresight to realize that a new Corn Palce is going to “NEED” to be built. Given I-90 tourism traffic – the new Corn Palace with its events center needs to be built on the south side of
    I-90. Build “IT” south of I-90 across from the shadows of the new water tower – “MORE WILL COME, MORE MONEY WILL BE SPENT, & MORE WILL STAY OVER NIGHT” (a co-located privately owned convention center with an indoors waterpark will be built – tourism business & retail sales will increase – putting more sales tax dollars into city coffers).

  13. make it corny- yep that is what we are about -simple as it may seem- it’s our identity. Other cities are known for worse- all kinds of negative things too.

    Have you seen the NE corner of the large dome of the Corn Palace- peeling already- how long have those nice domes been up- it has looked that way for the past two-three years- things wear. I like the new CP domes.

  14. Clear. Not possible? Light blue so it blends in with the sky. Water towers shouldn’t be themes, they’re big ugly structures that should blend in with the background.

  15. Good thought, MT. Why not incorporate chuckB’s idea of light blue with the American flag on each side? Visible to all.

  16. I love the idea of painting it like a corn cob. We cannot change the fact that we are known for the corn palace, why not embrace it and drive a few more people into town. Make it our city’s own billboard!! Let’s market this town.

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