Mitchell’s unemployment rate inches back up

After dropping to a recent low of 4.2 percent in October, Mitchell’s unemployment rate inched back up in November to 4.5 percent. That’s according to a report released today by the state Department of Labor. (Click here for the report, and go to page 20.)

Even though the rate is up, it’s still the city’s lowest since last December.

3 thoughts on “Mitchell’s unemployment rate inches back up

  1. Tell that to the Trail King workers who will be facing an 8% reduction in pay when and if they return to work on the 4th of Jan. after another 2 week layoff, which, by the way , received no media attention.

  2. not only that they are having the local workers train the Fargo plant employees in welding on metals- so where do you think the jobs are going- north baby!!!!!

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