National Republican group responds to GF&P ‘rebuff’ of Herseth Sandlin

Tom Erickson, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, issued a statement today in response to a story in today’s Daily Republic titled "Herseth Sandlin rebuffed by GF&P."

Here’s Erickson’s statement:

It looks like Stephanie Herseth Sandlin was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Did she plan to use this list for a taxpayer-funded campaign mailing? Or was Herseth Sandlin simply trying to use her influence as a member of Congress to get something for nothing? No matter what the answer is Herseth Sandlin needs to come clean about what type of shenanigans her and her taxpayer funded office are up to.

To see the story about Herseth Sandlin and the GF&P, click here.

9 thoughts on “National Republican group responds to GF&P ‘rebuff’ of Herseth Sandlin

  1. Update
    The state GOP is now calling for an “inquiry” into Herseth Sandlin’s actions. See the state GOP’s news release below.
    State GOP Calls for Inquiry into Herseth Sandlin Office

    PIERRE – State Party Chairman Bob Gray today called for an inquiry into why Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and her office were attempting to obtain Game, Fish and Parks mailing lists for free when others paid for the lists. Gray also asked if Herseth Sandlin, or anyone in her office, used their office to influence the outcome of the GF&P decision.

    “South Dakota taxpayers deserve an explanation from Stephanie Herseth Sandlin why she believes she deserves special treatment. Our state budget is stretched thin enough as it is and now our U.S. Representative is trying to get out of paying the state for mailing addresses that you and I would have to pay to obtain. It seems the Washington, DC ‘something for nothing’ mindset has taken over our Congresswoman,” said Gray.

    “An investigation should be conducted into why exactly the office of Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin was attempting to obtain Game, Fish and Parks mailing lists for free and if her office attempted to influence the decision,” said Gray.

    Herseth Sandlin also recently sent out an unsolicited mail piece to South Dakotans at taxpayer expense.

  2. oh it’s an election year why not dump on Stephanie and try to find something that is not there- after all character counts in politics- it’s called assination

  3. Mr. Gray and the SDGOP sure are petty. Only in SD would the SDGOP make an issue out of nothing.

  4. Another press release issued today by the state GOP:


    State GOP Calls On Herseth Sandlin To Release More Information On Campaign-Style Mail Piece

    PIERRE – South Dakota Republican Party Executive Director Lucas Lentsch today called on Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin to release more information to South Dakota taxpayers on how a mailing list was obtained for an unsolicited, taxpayer-funded, campaign-style mail piece that blanketed the state recently.

    “In light of recent news surrounding Rep. Herseth Sandlin’s tactics to obtain the Game, Fish and Parks mailing list for free, what other state agencies and organizations have been asked for special favors of free, privileged access to lists others must pay for? Our Congresswoman should release information on how her office obtained the names and addresses associated with this unsolicited, full-color campaign-style mail piece sent out to South Dakotans on veterans issues,” said Lentsch.

    “It is disappointing to me that our Congresswoman would use taxpayer funds to send out a blatantly obvious campaign-style mail piece exploiting our veterans,” said Lentsch. “It’s time we stop politicizing our veterans and military families. If this was just a communications piece intended to be directed to veterans and military families, then why did so many people outside of this select group receive the unsolicited literature? How many were sent out and at what cost? South Dakota taxpayers deserve some answers.”

  5. Whats so hard to understand? This is how Democrats operate, they use our money to pass their agenda.

  6. Politicizing our veterans? So, what does Mr. Lentsch consider John Thune’s recent trip to Iraq and Afghanistan? And how about Mr. Thune conveniently showing up at the Honor Flight out of Rapid City to see off the WW2 vets to Washington? All politicians use something to gain political points, not just SHS. Lentsch’s arguments is once again – weak.

  7. Get over it. Move onto something really important like jobs, health care, and making the playing field fair for all business.

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