Park and Rec Board agendas now available online

Randy Ahrendt, the city of Mitchell’s director of parks, recreation and forestry, called me recently to inform me of what I consider a welcome addition to the city’s Web site. His department has started posting the Park and Rec Board agendas to the site every month.

You can view the agenda by going to and clicking on the appropriate link. The board meets at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month in the Rec Center conference room (this month’s meeting is tonight).

As long as I’ve been a reporter here, I’ve been frustrated by the degree to which the city’s dozens of boards and committees operate out of the public eye. Getting agendas or even advance notification of meetings has been frustratingly difficult. The Park and Rec Department’s new practice of posting agendas is a welcome change for the better, and I hope other committees and boards follow suit.

3 thoughts on “Park and Rec Board agendas now available online

  1. Lets get the city council live on cable next. County commission, school board as well. That way the truth can be up to the individual instead of what someone elses interpretation of the truth is. Lets get involved and pay attention. If it goes online or on t.v. there is no excuses for open government. Even the executive sessions should be taped and made available once the content is ok for release. That will keep the meetings apropriate albeit live but delayed.

  2. You can bet the bank that as long as Graves is supt. there will be no live tv or other broadcasts of the school board meetings. Just the same old dolan dribble.

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