The book that got Reid in trouble also has some interesting tidbits about Daschle

The new book "Game Change" has Harry Reid in hot water because of his racially insensitive comments about Barack Obama. Gannett columnist and South Dakota native Chuck Raasch pointed out in a Saturday column that the book also contains some new revelations about the relationship between Tom Daschle and the Clintons:

Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, the authors wrote, "considered Hillary an icy prima donna; her husband (who after exiting the White House often called Daschle, imploring him for help in burnishing his legacy) a narcissist on an epic scale; the dynamic between the couple, bizarre; their treatment of their friends, unforgivably manipulative and disloyal.

"For Daschle," Halperin and Heilemann wrote, "Clinton fatigue wasn’t simply a political analysis. It was personal."

Daschle, who withdrew as Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary over tax problems, says that’s an inaccurate depiction of his relationship with the Clintons, but he would not comment further on the relationship.

Heilemann and Halperin wrote that Hillary Clinton viewed Daschle as "ineffectual and weak, a bush-leaguer in a big league job, and his loss (in South Dakota in 2004) had only confirmed her earlier verdict.

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2 thoughts on “The book that got Reid in trouble also has some interesting tidbits about Daschle

  1. How about that Brown victory. Kind of makes Obama a lame duck. The people of Massachusetts have spoken. Going to be some change you can believe in. No, it is not about race, it is about policy. Lets hope the debate proceeds with a little more logic. Put the kids first.

  2. Daschle is history. Odd how those that like to spend other peoples earnings like to avoid paying what is supposed to be fair for the rest of us. Daschle had a great run. However, he has burned his bridge to SD with his intentional and agregious disregard for the law. How can you trust a lawmaker that does not follow the very laws he helped write? Move past Daschle, please!

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