Mitchell economy at a glance, 2009 year-end edition

I wrote a local economic-year-in-review story for today’s paper, based on four indicators that local development director Bryan Hisel said he uses to judge the status of the economy. Here’s an expanded look at some year-end economic indicators, with a comparison to 2008.

  2008 2009 % Change
Taxable sales in Mitchell ZIP code  $476,400,294.68  $478,800,005.81  0.5%
Municipal sales tax due to Mitchell $9,887,922.04 $9,615,718.77 -2.75%
Building permits in Mitchell  162  138  -15%
Average monthly employment in Mitchell  8,540  8,420  -1%
Average monthly unemployment rate in Mitchell  2.7%  5.2%  93%
New-house building permits in Mitchell  20  21  5%
Sheriff’s deeds (the final act in a foreclosure) in Davison County  32  31  -3%
Home sales in Davison County  234  198  -15%
Statewide corn-for-grain production 585.2 million bushels 719.1 million bushels  23%

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