Reaction to the State of the Union

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Reaction from Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D.:

Washington, DC—U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) today released this statement following President Obama’s first State of the Union address this evening:

President Obama’s address tonight gave hope to hardworking American families. I’m pleased it included plans to address our nation’s long-term priorities without losing sight of the struggles happening on Main Street as a result of this recession. I agree with the President when he said that jobs must be our focus this year.

The President’s plans will put our economy on a more stable foundation without huge increases in deficit spending. The mix of tax relief and incentives for small businesses will help create jobs and get our economy back on track. Making college more affordable and helping workers save for retirement will also help ensure that we put Americans on a more secure path for the future.

I was especially pleased to see President Obama strongly endorse a return to PAY-GO. The Administration will submit its annual budget to Congress next week, and we will get our first look at the effects of the President’s proposed budget freeze in discretionary non-military funding. It’s important to remember that seven-eighths of the budget is entitlements or non-discretionary funding. There is no doubt that there is fat to cut from the budget, but we cannot put South Dakota priorities at risk.

We have made real progress in turning this recession around since the President took office a year ago, but much work still lies ahead. I am committed to working with members of both parties to advance policies that keep us moving on the path towards recovery. 

Reaction from Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.:

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator John Thune made the following statement today regarding the President’s State of the Union Address:

“President Obama lived up to his reputation as a great orator and delivered a good speech this evening, but well delivered speeches won’t solve even one of the many problems facing our country. Americans need a clear plan from this President that will create conditions for lasting job growth, pay down the debt, and strengthen national security.

“Despite a worsening economy and rising unemployment, last year President Obama and Congressional Democrats pursued an ideological agenda that was based on growing the size of the federal government and spending astronomical sums of taxpayer money. That was the wrong approach then and it is the wrong approach now, and I hope they are willing to abandon these flawed policies in favor of bipartisan solutions.

“America cannot move forward by racking up record amounts of debt, increasing taxes on small businesses and families, and treating terrorists like common criminals. Republicans stand ready to work with President Obama and Congressional Democrats as long as they are willing to trade rhetoric for action.” 

Reaction from Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D.:

Washington, DC- Rep. Herseth Sandlin released the following statement in response to the President’s State of the Union Address this evening:

"Tonight, the President rightly highlighted the critical need to get spending under control and reduce the national debt, and the importance of meeting the needs of the private sector to achieve sustainable economic growth. These are our obligations to the current generation, and the next.

"I support the President’s proposals to freeze spending but we must do more, including identifying ways to cut government overspending, passing legislation requiring Congress to spend within its means and establishing an independent, bipartisan commission to address our national debt.

“As our country’s economy continues to recover, bipartisan tax relief proposals for the middle class will help South Dakota families struggling to make ends meet. As the Congress and the President begin crafting the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, I hope we will see true progress in restoring fiscal discipline, getting our private sector going and meeting the needs of middle class families."

6 thoughts on “Reaction to the State of the Union

  1. Can someone please let KSFY know the phone number for the Republican party of South Dakota? They had reaction from the speech last night from what they called “both sides” – the democrats and the tea party. It was painful to watch. So I won’t anymore.

  2. yes thank you Barack Obama- as he put it so eloquently “No” – those who constantly refuse to work with the party in majority will also have to have their feet held to the fire when Washington does nothing because of partisan grid lock- Republicans have to be more than the party of “no” and if that is their only strategy then Obama deserves no criticism. He is working on issues for American families, the nay-sayers have no plan- no health-care reform plan, no plan to get Americans back to work- no no no is not an option. You will be judged by your words since you republicans lack the conviction to have action.

  3. Please! Republicans, Independents and Americans (even liberal ones) are all saying no because Obamas plan is just flat wrong. It has nothing to do with his color, with his party or with anything else other than he nor anyone else can add 40 million people to health care and decrease the budget. Absolutely imposible unless people are denied care, providers are underpaid (they will opt out of Medicare/Obama care) or taxes go through the roof. I liked it when the supreme court justice turned during the speech to speak to his colleague and clearly stated ‘that is a lie’. I applaud Obamas effort and energy, but it does not matter what flavor his speech is, wrong is wrong so here is one former Democrat and current Independent that is rooting for the pubs.

  4. It is time for the Repub. to publicize their ideas. We, the public, need to know these ideas. Forget the Dems, and Pres. Obama, get your ideas out to us lowly ones. We pay the bills.

  5. Actually the rich pay the bills. They very people everyone is angry with and feel they get all the perks are the ones paying for everyone elses bills. If you want to read the pubs ideas, the republican response gave a web site where you can openly read them. Watch Fox news, they are frequently given. Sometimes things are not out in the open as the press prints what its agenda wants to print not what is best for our country. We see that with the daily republic, openess is questioned when questions are not answered at their pace. That is not the intent of the openess laws. Be patient or get involved and the truth with find you.

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