City/Thomsen swap back on City Council agenda

A proposal to swap a wooded city lot near Lake Mitchell for a privately owned lot and building adjacent to the city’s new soccer complex will be back before the Mitchell City Council at its Monday meeting.

The proposed swap involves local resident Jerry Thomsen. The city would get Thomsen’s 3-acre lot and 11,360-square-foot building at the corner of Industrial and Tower roads, adjacent to the city’s new Pepsi Cola Soccer Complex. Thomsen would get the city’s wooded, 9-acre lot across from his lakefront home, near the intersection of North Harmon Drive and National Guard Road. The swap would include a payment of $150,000 from the city to Thomsen.

The council conducted a hearing on the swap at its Dec. 21 meeting. About 70 people attended, nine of whom rose to tell the council that they oppose the swap because they do not want to lose the trees that cover the city-owned property. Following that public testimony, the council tabled the issue.

The swap is due to come up again sometime during Monday’s council meeting, which will begin at 7:30 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 612 N. Main St.

5 thoughts on “City/Thomsen swap back on City Council agenda

  1. Jerry will take some of council to the cleaners. A 15 YEAR OLD BUILDING FOR REPACEMENT COST DO THE MATH. In his favor only WHY THE CITZENS OF MITCHELL HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS.

  2. Does the city need that building? Will this eliminate the need for an additional building by the police/fire station? What is the building adjacent to the soccer field? Isn’t that all the city needs?

  3. The city is getting a great deal. Even the daily republic can see that from their editorial. The issue should not be about who is involved in the deal, it should be about the deal itself. The council has spent over 2 years on this deal and has bargained for the best deal they could get. Cut them some slack and let the details speak for themselves. If the deal doesn’t go down, the taxpayers are the losers.

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