Fundraising snapshot: Governor’s race

Now that all the campaign-finance reports for the gubernatorial candidates are posted, here’s a snapshot of the money race. The figures are from the 2009 calendar year.

  Dennis Daugaard (R) Dave Knudson (R) Scott Munsterman (R) Ken Knuppe (R) Scott Heidepriem (D) Ron Volesky (D)
Beginning balance  $811,582.99  $168,471.56  $14,490.70  $6,193.02  $729.18  $0
Raised  $750,136.10  $527,614.07  $55,952.90  $13,403.84  $338,826.32  $0
Spent  $283,441.94  $273,122.77  $123,137.21  $13,426.26  $147,053.36  $0
On hand  $1,278,277.15  $457,962.86  $22,306.39*  $6,170.40  $196,552.54*  $0

(*Munsterman reported owing debts and obligations of $148,417.37. He has two $50,000 loans from First Bank and Trust, and several loans from himself to the campaign. Heidepriem loaned his own campaign $4,050.)

By and large, the numbers don’t tell us anything we didn’t know already. The really interesting part of the primary season will be seeing the degree to which the Republican race becomes competitive. If the Republican primary becomes a long and hotly contested fight, that could be beneficial to Heidepriem, who apparently isn’t going to get much of a challenge from Volesky.