Land swap is dead, but now what?

As you can read by clicking here, the Mitchell City Council rejected the proposed public-land-for-private-building swap last night. That means the city’s wooded, 9-acre lot near the lake remains public property for now.

But, as we were reminded at the end of last night’s meeting, the property has been declared surplus. The city could now put the property up for sale if that’s what the council members want. On the other hand, it has been suggested by the city’s new lake board that the property should be enhanced with nature trails.

The other option that nobody seems to be considering is to do nothing. That seemed to work pretty well for 82 years, until just recently.

What do you think the city should do with its wooded lot?

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7 thoughts on “Land swap is dead, but now what?

  1. Leave the area as is. It is a wonderful scenic area. It is probably one of the nicest areas around the lake. It costs the city little to maintain. The city simply mows the ditches. It would be a shame to see it destroyed. What does this city have against trees? I don’t understand why volunteers plant hundreds of trees every spring around the city and lake if it is just going to put them at risk once they are mature.

  2. Leave it on has a point. Why would a city that hates trees plant thousands every year? Maybe there is more to the story than what is being told. Maybe the big picture would mean the revenue from selling some of the cities assets would mean the lake development comittee would be able to implement some of their ideas and the ideas of so many other citizens that want to have better recreation and access to the lake and the rest of the cities land areas. Maybe the council is being responsible and trying to help the community and still protect the trees as best it can. Food for thought. Give them a chance.

  3. Leave ’em. Put in some paths. Find some volunteers. Redirect some money. Create the Mitchell City Arboretum. Spent many a pleasant hour out in the “arb” in other places. Would be a wonderful addition to the community.

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