Crew pushes Daschle’s car out of snow on live TV

A television crew was reporting live on the winter storm that socked Washington, D.C., last week when the crew stumbled upon former Sen. Tom Daschle stuck with his car on the side of the road.

To see the video from the source, along with a short story, click here.

11 thoughts on “Crew pushes Daschle’s car out of snow on live TV

  1. I’m pretty sure former Sen. Daschle got stuck because he had never been that far to the right before!

  2. That’s pretty funny, Bruiser! On another note, I know the DR has had concerns on the low # of comments on this blog. A posting relating to Daschle being pushed out of a snow bank is an example of a blog that does not create discussion amongst the readers. There is nothing to discuss on these blogs, and frankly, it has become very boring.

  3. Poor man. He has been away from home tooooo long. He forgot how to drive in snow and ice.

  4. Pretty ironic as to who pushed him out…a news team from local Fox affiliate. Now that’s bipartisan support!

  5. One of the reasons the post count has been so low on this blog is that it seams that most of the blogs have been politically based i now they want to keep readers informed but i don’t think they need a blog posted for every law that gets voted on. That and they seem post new blogs so often that as soon as one starts to get comments it gets shuffled of the end of the page.

  6. It snowed in Washington, D.C. Lots of coverage, and this was a cute pick-up.
    It also snowed right here in SD and this hasn’t been on the news very much, if at all, though it is on YouTube.

    As Bored said, some of these topics don’t leave a lot of room for discussion. Maybe there should be an open thread for readers to suggest topics… (other than Kings and Deacons etc.!)

  7. Well, for starters, how about a suggestion box as a separate topic, so everyone can see it and contribute, instead of hoping they can find it off topic under this item….

    (My first suggestion was the YouTube link above) But also off the top of my head – the Olympics – any local stories or connections? Black History month – do we/should we commemorate it in a place as white as Mitchell SD? Haiti – local stories or connections, I’ve heard temporary, volunteer workers should stay home and let locals do the work – have bloggers volunteered in similar relief efforts and what do they think? I would like to hear from other bloggers – if you’re bored, what do you want to talk about instead?

    You could still post photos which are fun to see even if they don’t generate a lot of comment.

  8. How about the discussion at the school board meeting about MTI serving wine and beer to over 21 year olds at special ocassions? Of course, the DR can keep posts about the “Kings and Deacons” filtered from the blogs (in fact, I would appreciate you doing so).

  9. How about your former editors push to make blog sites and their respective slanderers acountable for their comments?

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