Alcohol at MTI: Good or bad policy?

Despite a protest by school board member Neil Putnam, it looks like Mitchell Technical Institute will keep its policy allowing beer and wine to be served during special school events. You can read more about the decision by clicking here.

What do you think of the policy?

P.S. Thanks to a commenter on a previous post for suggesting this topic.

23 thoughts on “Alcohol at MTI: Good or bad policy?

  1. What are we really talking about here? Did this all stem from the Valentine’s Day Food/Wine Night coming up? This is a silly “controversy”.

  2. Might be a silly controversy, but the fact that alcohol needs to be available at all functions is silly. Sometimes we need to set a good example……..such as going without.
    (Yes, I know that “all functions” is not accurate….don’t get your tail in a knot….it just represents all “special” functions. We have plenty of “other” places to do the alcohol thingy.)

  3. I don’t see a problem with serving alcohol at a special function as long as the guests are over 21. MTI serves excellent meals and they want to give the guest the experience of going out for a fine meal with a glass of wine. They do need to be monitored to make sure they are only serving guests that are 21 and over and make sure the servers and preparers in the kitchen that are under 21 are not sampling the goods.

  4. We are trying to train these young people in the culinary arts program. It is a reality that wine is associated with fine dining.

  5. Come on people, alcohol is not the problem, people are the problem. Act like an adult and allow kids learning to be professionals to be professional and show they have the maturity to do their job. Drunks will always be drunks. Stop trying to parent anyone that is old enough to make decisions for themselves, just hold them responsible for their choices.

  6. OK, I concede. I forgot the Culinary Arts program. Yes, some like a glass of wine while having a nice meal. My original thought was for special occasions……..such as fund raising, and publicity, promoting new programs.

  7. with the rational thinking here, people shouldnt go to church either then last time i checked they have wine there, even if it isnt real wine the represent it as wine

  8. The Culinary Arts program is responsible for the excellent food at special occasions such as fund raising, publicity and promotions. They are serving adults that are old enough to make their own decisions regarding to drink or not to drink. I go to many of these functions and have yet to see anyone get “sloppy drunk”.

  9. I don’t see a problem with alcohol being served at special events. Almost every event you go to these days, there is alcohol served. Whether it is the racetrack, golf course, baseball game, charity fundraiser, concerts, etc. I very seldom drink, but I like having it available if I decide to partake.

  10. Let the public school sell beer at the ball games too. Some of us like to have a swig or two and look a all the money that would make. Sure there were some kids at baseball games and the super bowl. Just make sure someone over 21 years of age is in the area. Then it would be OK. Looks like there was one NO vote at a school board meeting for the first time since Hall got dumped!

  11. don’t we have enough alcohol problems in Mitchell and with our youth? Why can’t you have a meal without alc.? What kid of message are we sending our youth- that the adults can not exercise restraint? Thank you Neil Putnam for your voice of and soundness of mind to speak against this madness

  12. To “no”

    Of course you can have a meal without alcohol. That is your choice. Just because someone offers you wine doesn’t mean you have to drink it. Do you think that not serving alcohol is going to save our youth? It is not like they are serving alcohol at the elementary school or even the high school. Get over it – these students are expected to be adults with adult responsibilties – many of them are over 21 themselves. They are definitely not being influenced by the sight of acohole at these special functions.

  13. ‘Get Real’ you sound upset that ‘no’ voiced a difference of opinion than yours. Sorry, but that is perfectly acceptable. I drink, but also think alcohol is not necessary on every occasion. (Even tho I do look forward to that glass of wine, or even a beer at a base ball game, but please not our HS basketball games.)

  14. “No”

    Just because a person drinks alcohol, it doesn’t mean they have a problem, or will have a problem. I think we’d be sending the exact opposite message you wrote – that adults CAN exercise restraint.

  15. Drinking age is 21 country wide and has been since the late 80s. I think alcohol abuse and underage consumption is worse now than it ever was. Furthermore, by making it illegal for 18 year olds to drink has made doing so more fun and desirable as a young adult. It is ridiculous that a man and a women can be married, have children, have a morgtage, defend our country in a branch of the US service, handle expensive equipment, etc, but can’t be trusted to be responsible with alcohol. That is crazy!

  16. soldier boy, you have a point……but, the age was lowered for a time and underage drinking moved lower. Problem is………Parents. Until they enforce the laws and regulations, our young people will take advantage.

  17. To “Maybe”. I wasn’t upset at all. I just find it funny when people think everything has to be their way instead of giving options. “No” did not want to give an option to the guest, therefore, “no” was eliminating others from having a different opinion. As a guest, you should have the option to partake in alcoholic beverages or decline and drink non-alcholic beverage.

  18. In response to Get Real…… was not interested in stoping a guest from an alcoholic beverage. My interpretation was saying “no” to forcing/requiring the SALE of alcohol. Our buildings used for education should be free to say “No” as an example.
    I drink, you may drink, others drink, but a place to gather without drinking should not be a negative.

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