No third percent of optional sales tax for cities, and maybe no arena for Mitchell

Not long ago, Mitchell Mayor Lou Sebert told me that legislative approval of an optional third percent of sales tax for cities might be the difference-maker for a proposed new arena.

If that’s true, Mitchell’s hope for a new arena might have died — at least in the short-term — with the rejection of the third-percent legislation yesterday.

Here’s the news from The Associated Press:

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — South Dakota cities failed Thursday in their bid for authority to impose an extra penny sales tax to pay for special projects or upgrades in roads, water lines and other service facilities.

The House Local Government Committee voted 10-3 to reject the measure after lawmakers said taxes should not be raised while the economy is struggling.

Rep. Val Rausch, R-Big Stone City, said taxes should never be raised unless government has no other option.

“The timing is not now,” Rausch said.

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14 thoughts on “No third percent of optional sales tax for cities, and maybe no arena for Mitchell

  1. Double edged sword…..up grade for water (necessary item) and service’s (maybe….depends of which services), but an unneeded arena during difficult times is definately an extravagance (totally unneeded, unless you are one of those making money off the addition…….builder)

  2. no- no taxes in this time of economic uncertainty, and any sales tax is failed to doom- we’ve had enough of regressive taxation- time to retink Pierre or simply put get out of office if you can not control your spending in Pierre

  3. Our dog knows what the word “NO” means. The vibration warning feature in his shock collar works wonders when he fails to respond to the command, “NO”. Perhaps, we need to issue similar collars to city officials with remote controls issued to the voters? Twice, the voters have said “NO” to building a seperate, larger arena and maintaining the Corn Palace – no “convention center arena” and no “events center arena”. Hopefully, now the City-Avera-DWU “wellness center arena” pig’s ear can RIP. When more prosperous times return, hopefully city officials will have the insight and foresight to review design plans and seek corporaate sponsorship (Pioneer, John Deere, Case IH, Cabela’s and others) for a new World’s Only Corn Palace with a co-located expanded events center in a high traffic area location with adequate parking promoting “ALL” community activities and events (tourism, entertainment events, trade shows, athletics, the Corn Palce Festival, Dakota Fest, Polka Fest, outdoors recreation, and others).

  4. How many times do the people paying the taxes have to say no the the Powers That Be spending the money before they get the message we do not want an arena in Mitchell? The town can not support the initial cost and upkeep.

  5. if they would learn to package this events center in a pallatable way? We’ve rejected it twice and tying a center to a sales tax would have meant sure defeat once again- thank you Pierre for calmer heads- take note city council- keep it up and we will vote you out.

  6. Well put…..Taxpayer, thanks & “BIG PICTURE FOCUS”, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  7. did no new taxes win out or did concern over the poor and a regressive tax shut this down. Had this passed- once again taxpayers would have rejected an events center- maybe the center’s committee should look at how this center has been packaged and that is why we’ve rejected it twice. The events center may not be the argument but how it is presented leaves little to be desired.

  8. WOW! The city council really doesn’t get it.

    Meeting in private and making plans to circumvent the voters with an events center is wrong and this will eventially result in the removal of the city council.

    It is my understanding that city employees did not get a raise this year due to the economic conditions. So be it. If that is what happened, let’s use the same logic here. If we cannot afford to give cost of living raises, as a city, can we afford to pay millions of dollars on an events center that will need more employees and may not bring in enough revenue to pay for itself? Sounds like an easy decision for me.

  9. We can build an events Center if the citizens are dumb enough to support it. However, how many people in this area have the money to continually spend to go to concerts, etc. in this area? Not many.

    People will not spend $100 every week inorder to go to an event at the events center. The reality here is that the population in this area will not be able to financially support such a center. People living far away will go to Sioux Falls and Sioux City to see better quality evens.

    If this happens, the mitchell taxpayers will definately pay for it. Mithchell businesses want this center to be a reality. They will benefit from it. The adverage tax payer working for a living will not. That is the difference.

  10. If the city partners with dwu and the hospital on an events center it will be bad. Who will have the center on what days? There will be conflicts that will render such a deal self defeating.

    Mitchell is too small to have an events center, that is without putting the burden on the taxpayers. The voters already know this.

    The day that Bryan Heisel tells me that this is a good idea for Mitchell is the day that I will believe it. Bryan will not say that, nor will any either financial expert familiar with Mitchell.

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