What could the city and county build together on the site of the Tower Building?

When City Council meetings go three hours as Monday’s meeting did, some things get lost in the shuffle. One of those lost-in-the-shuffle items Monday night took the form of a bullet point in my story about the meeting. That bullet point said the City Council "authorized Mayor Sebert, Council President Jeff Smith and Council Vice President Marty Barington to discuss with the Davison County Commission the possibility of cooperating to build office space on the site of the county’s soon-to-be demolished Tower Building."

Sebert said he’d been approached by county officials, so he wanted the City Council’s opinion. Council members said they’re not opposed to having discussions about cooperating on a building at the Tower site, but they don’t have any ideas for a project right now. The reason the county is interested is because, as I understand it, the county has access to $3.1 million in federal stimulus bonding authority. If the county uses the bonds, the federal government will pay half the interest.

Got any ideas for a joint county-city project?

7 thoughts on “What could the city and county build together on the site of the Tower Building?

  1. Hasn’t the city said it needs more space? What could be better than the city and county sharing offices, or other needs. In the event of disaster, they could even share services, or personel. Working together can be beneficial.

  2. Will the quality of our city and county services improve if a $3.1 million new office complex is built? Who would benefit from building a new county-city office complex? Sure hope city and county officials are smarter than our MSD 17-2 leaders who believe top notch elementary education and high school football programs are directly dependent upon learning and playing in $8.5 & $2.5 million new facilities.

    Unlike the Longfellow School and Quintal Standium, the Tower Building does need to be demolished – unsafe to use. Level it, haul in fill, layer on top soil, plant trees, plant grass, and call it a done deal.

    If the $3.1 million low-interest carrott cannot be passed up, then how about building a facility all Davison County residents can use – a Davison County Community Center? The city already owns half of the facility and the vaccant land is adjacenent to it – Mitchell Recreation Center. Add a wellness addition to the south side – indoor competitive size swimming pool and elevated track for all to use. Get-r-dun!

  3. Not bad, DCCC! I was willing to put up a cheap building, not quite pole, but inexpensive. I do like a County Community Center. Yes, open to the county residences.

  4. The county, in the past, has sold machinery then later bought the same machinery back for a loss. With decision making like this, the city should stay clear of joining anything with the county. The city and county have different concerns and should be kept seperate for the most part.

  5. DCCC, are you talking about adding an addition to the South side if the Mitchell Recreation Center?

  6. DCCC, excellent idea! Suggest shortening to RWC (Regional Wellness Center). You are correct – the facility needs to be built on public owned turf void of religious and good-ole boy influences. With the City of Mitchell, Davison County, and MSD 17-2 receiving the lion’s share of local property and sales taxes, it seems appropriate for them to partner up. With Mitchell being a regional hub for trade, health care, and other professional services, seems appropriate for local government officials to provide a service to all the people in our region. If our local officials, public administrators, and Focus 2020 leaders could see beyond the end of their noses and special interest agendas, the RWC proposal would have already been publicly discussed, design plans approved, and construction bids let. It is not too late to nix the $2.5 Joe Quintal Field project – construction bids are just now being let. The MSD 17-2 board could refuse to accept all bids until the RWC proposal is thoroughly investigated. The $2.5 million could be redirected to build a portion of a wellness center addition onto the Mitchell Recreation Center with the facility renamed as the RWC. With an additional $3.1 million from Davison County and $3.4 million match from the City of Mitchell, there could be $9 million available to build a state of the art wellness facility that all the people in the region could use all year long, instead of a new Quintal Stadium or a City, Avera, MSD 17-2, DWU wellness center arena on the DWU campus.

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