Heidepriem locks up Democratic gubernatorial nomination

The title of this post might be a little premature, as I suppose one or more candidates could still arise to challenge Scott Heidepriem before the March 30 deadline. But up until now, the only other candidate out there was former legislator Ron Volesky, of Huron.

To nobody’s surprise, Volesky dropped out of the race today with this statement:

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and former State Senator Ron Volesky of Huron announced today from his campaign headquarters that he is discontinuing his campaign for Governor and is endorsing Scott Heidepriem for the nomination.

“In the interest of party unity, I believe I can best serve the election of a Democrat Governor in 2010 by supporting Scott Heidepriem’s campaign at this time,” Volesky said.

Volesky said his decision is a difficult one but a decision that he believes is in the best interest of party unity of a Democrat Governor in 2010

“I have decided to put my own personal interest aside and put party unity first,” Volesky said.

Volesky said that the Heipepriem campaign has a decidedly better opportunity at the present time to win the Governorship for the Democratic Party than his.

Volesky pledged his full support for Heidepriem and said if requested by the Heidepriem campaign that he will actively campaign for Heidepriem.

3 thoughts on “Heidepriem locks up Democratic gubernatorial nomination

  1. interesting that Volesky is always trying to run for something does that impair his creditability? Is he the Harold Stassen of SD politics. Here Scott is a former republican and Knudtson is a former demo turned republican- will they be the match-up?

  2. I can’t help but wonder, by the way, if Volesky is going to end up as the Democrats’ candidate against Thune.

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