3 thoughts on “Live Tiger Woods coverage

  1. the damage has been done to this man- I hope none of you who live in glass houses are throwing stones. We all fall short of the mark (sin) at times- let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Enough is enough already oaky!

  2. I agree, enough is enough. It is not that I approve of what he did (in fact, my husband would have been out of the house before he knew what happened). However, this is a private matter between Tiger and his wife. The media needs to leave them along and let them get through this terrible time without having everything they do splashed across the front paper and talked about on the national news.

  3. PLEASE, We are getting wall to wall coverage of The Cheater, and Nero is fiddling while Rome is burning. Is there not a few more important things going on that this passes for news? How about rampant unemployment, homelessness, health care(lack of)? I can come up with more if you are not following my drift. What has happened to real news reporting in this country? When I heard a reporter refer to this celebrity as a hero I almost chucked my lunch.

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