The six-day candidacy, and other oddities of South Dakota’s 2010 campaign season

This is shaping up to be a unique political season in South Dakota. Consider: 

  • John Thune could soon become the first person in our state’s history to run unopposed for the U.S. Senate;
  • Republicans who previously needed their arms twisted to enter a race against U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin are jumping into and out of the race at a breakneck pace (five people have been in the GOP race at one time or another, though the number now stands at three);
  • A former first lady, Patricia Miller, plans to run for state auditor;
  • And Ron Volesky, who once pledged to The Daily Republic that he would never again seek an elected office, made a short-lived bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination with his high-school-sophomore son serving as his campaign manager.

Now comes news of what has to be one of the shortest, if not the shortest, congressional campaigns in our state’s history. Steve Hickey, a pastor from Sioux Falls, announced his candidacy for the U.S. House just last Tuesday. Today, a mere six days later, he announced that he is dropping out of the race, throwing his support to Kristi Noem (who also announced her candidacy Tuesday), and is running instead for a state House seat from District 9.

I can’t wait to see what else this campaign season has in store for us.

7 thoughts on “The six-day candidacy, and other oddities of South Dakota’s 2010 campaign season

  1. Pat Miller would be following in the footsteps of another SD First Lady. Lorna Herseth – wife of Gov. Ralph Herseth, mother of State Sen. Lars Herseth, and grandmother of our congresswoman – was SD’s Secretary of State from 1973 to 1979.

  2. While there are interesting personalities in this group, I am finding it difficult to learn what positions the new faces represent. (Other than “balancing the budget,” – how? with what priorities?

    Re:Ron Volesky, who has been named on two threads now, let me make a comparison. He is not the first politician to change his mind. At least he has one.

    Bills on which he was prime sponsor: “He wanted to create a State-Tribal Economic Development Commission, with an appointed member from each of the nine tribal governments in South Dakota, an appointee of the governor and four appointees of the Legislature. It would have had an executieve director and a small staff. Its roles would have been to assist and promote economic development on the reservations; assist with job training; recruit businesses to locate on reservations; and assist those businesses in marketing and promotion. The bill got jammed in committee on a 6-6 vote. When he tried to force the bill onto the House debate calendar, he lost 27-38. That was 10 years ago this month,” a decade after Gov. Mickelson’s Year of Reconciliation and a decade before Gov. Round’s Year of Unity pronouncement.

    and others: “repeal of the inheritance tax; providing for construction of nursing homes on reservations; allowing independents to vote in primary elections; creation of an ethics committee for the Legislature; increasing highway taxes; outlawing political action committee contributions to election candidates; requiring legislative candidates to file pre-election finance reports; exempt food from sales tax; increase state aid to school districts; provide money to the State Fair; legalize medical marijuana; provide an early season for resident pheasant hunters; establish a university scholarship program; eliminate the term “squaw” from geographic place names; and provide for use of an ignition interlock device for people convicted of two or more DUI offenses.”

    “Ron Volesky is gone from the governor’s race… But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have something important to tell South Dakota. His voice lives on in our history. Whether we can learn from him is up to us.” – Bob Mercer Pure Pierre Politics

  3. let’s take a look at your pictures you feature on Monday- back in time- you should have read your release Monday- you cropped half of the picture off? where is the Elks bldg in the picture. You have not been too careful as of late with the pictures sent to you and I know you make mistakes with the information provided to you. My solution is get another reporter to handle this before you get mad and cancel this because I am sure you do not like criticism- even though it maybe be constructive- and warranted.

  4. so far people-2 Hamiel- 0 – when is Noel Hamiel going to get down to the people’s business of balancing the budget- we are waiting Mr. Hamiel- forget the increased sales tax to finance local pet projects- we are not going to tax ourselves more when Pierre can not live within it’s own means, forget your pet internet mess of censorship of bloggers like myself – I did learn right from wrong and you of all people- you stand for less government intrusion when in effect your proposal means – the thought police will get you? Face it man you are there to balance the budget now get on with the task of goverance or else don’t run again and waste our time and yours.

  5. reader,

    I noticed the same thing about the “Back in Time” photo when I read the caption in Monday’s paper, but I forgot about it. I passed your note along to our editor, and we’ll try to figure out what happened.

  6. yes I too have noticed the quality on the historic pictures has been worse- not only just the picture resolution but I have lived here for more and 50 years and know a few details that you new reporters at the Daily do not- maybe you should check with someone at the historic society before running the pictures? What is the problem at the Daily with your service? Try listening- listening to the subscriber maybe everyone will get along better !!!

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