In case you missed it: Blog libel legislation defeated

Since I posted about this recently, I though you might want this update:

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A move to help identify people who anonymously post libelous messages on blogs and other Internet sites was rejected Monday by South Dakota lawmakers after opponents said the state would have trouble regulating the worldwide network.

The House State Affairs Committee voted 10-3 to kill a bill that would have required those who operate Internet sites to keep logs of Internet Protocol addresses so they could identify people who contribute libelous messages anonymously or under false names.

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5 thoughts on “In case you missed it: Blog libel legislation defeated

  1. The hundreds of newspapers in South Dakota (weekly and daily) collectively have one lobbyist, who doubles as the general manager of the South Dakota Newspaper Association.

    If you go read the story or listen to the testimony on the bill, you’ll see that other groups also testified against the bill, including independent bloggers and the funeral-home industry.

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